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Trump Intended to Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller in June, 2017


On 1/26/18, the New York Times revealed that
Trump intended to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last June, a month after he fired former FBI director James Comey, in spite of the FACT that he insisted time and time again that he had never, ever, never, not once considered anything like firing Mueller. On the contrary, the press has reported no less than EIGHT documented instances of the White House denying that Trump was considering firing Mueller. Trump’s worn-out, predictable response was “Fake news, folks, fake news.” Yeah, right, Donnie. Instead, we say, “Fake president, folks, fake president.” The only people who believe Trump’s continued rants about anything and everything he doesn’t agree with being fake news are those who are still stupid enough to continue to support him.

So, what do all these news reports tell us about Trump?
  1. Trump has a tin ear.
  2. Trump is paranoid.
  3. Trump can be talked down.
  4. Trump’s top aides have no real idea what’s going on.
  5. Trump’s lawyers are telling him the investigation is almost over to keep him from firing Mueller.
Read the story and explanations here.

Trump Plays the Blame Game — Again

The aborted attempt to dismiss Mueller shows that Trump has sought to control the Russia investigation, that he has faked his reasons for disrupting it, and that he has ignored warnings that his behavior could be illegal. This doesn’t definitively prove that Trump meant to obstruct justice, but it does show that when he tried to fire Mueller, the reasons he offered were fake ones concocted by his lawyers. This echoes Trump’s behavior throughout the investigation. On 1/27/18 it was reported by CNN that Trump is so mad about the ongoing Russia investigation that he has reportedly considered firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Trump continues to play the blame game, refusing to take the blame for anything — typical behavior of the narcissist.

To impeach and remove a president for obstructing justice, you need to show that his intent in targeting investigators was corrupt. The easy way is to find tapes in which he talks explicitly about orchestrating false testimony. The harder way is to show that he has repeatedly lied about his motives and has maneuvered to control the investigation, despite repeated warnings by Don McGahn, White House counsel, to back off. Trump’s assault on Mueller, coupled with his previous assaults on James Comey (ex-FBI Director), Jeff Sessions (U.S. Attorney General), Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe (FBI Deputy Director), solidifies that case.
Trump obstructed justice.

While Trump continued to hammer away at the Justice Department’s credibility, spineless attorney general Jeff Sessions has caved in and been both silent and yielding to the schoolyard bully, a silence that breaks with a long tradition of attorneys general protecting the institution from such interference. Unbelievable as it is, the president himself is leading a sole, intimidating charge against both the FBI and the Justice Department in an attempt to deny and deflect his involvement in the Russia investigation, and the attorney general is “missing in action.” Institutions like the Department of Justice depend on its leaders to be a voice that defends them, but Sessions is weak and is only appeasing the threatening Trump. Let’s not forget lessons learned from history, folks: Hitler used the same threatening tactics in the 1930’s and 1940’s against good intentioned but weak people who were afraid to stand up and resist, and Trump is following Hitler’s playbook.