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Trump, the Wimp

Trump cowers from an eagle tied to its perch during a photo shoot.

On 2/26/18, while criticizing the officer in Parkland, FL who didn’t enter the school building during the shooting, Trump stated that he would
charge a gunman. Who do you think you’re kidding, Donnie! We don’t need criticism from a spineless peanut gallery. Trump’s actions speak louder than his words. Let’s take a look a just a few instances of “real news.”

here to read about what Trump has really done when faced with danger.

Real facts:
  • Trump has no background whatsoever in law enforcement.
  • Trump has no background whatsoever in the military.
  • Trump was spooked by a man who hopped a barrier at a campaign rally in Dayton, OH in March of 2016 and ducked behind the podium until he was surrounded by secret service agents. He then said, “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it.” Uh, huh.
  • At a photo shoot after he was beat out by Angela Merkel for Time magazine’s Person of the Year, he cowered away from a bald eagle.
  • Trump had FIVE deferments from the draft during the Vietnam War, including one for heel spurs. He couldn’t serve his country, although he continued to play golf, football and tennis with those heel spurs. Decades later he told Howard Stern that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases was “my personal Vietnam.”
  • In 2008 Trump told Howard Stern that he was terrified of blood.
  • Trump has yet to visit a military combat zone like all of the previous presidents.

Trump lets his son, Barron, walk in the rain while he protects himself.

coward / ‘kow-erd/ n. a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things. One who shows disgraceful fear or timidity.
Adj. excessively afraid of danger or pain.

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