Democracy Can Finally Be Restored With President Joe Biden

Joe Biden: The One & Only Qualified Presidential Candidate

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America knows Joe Biden. He is the man for this moment. He will unify this nation again. He won’t see just Democrats or Republicans, he will see Americans. Biden has shown he has the temperament and experience to lead our nation in a time of crisis. Trump has left America in a state of danger, despair and economic depression, and the risks are too high to allow him another term. Joe Biden has the empathy, compassion and strength to serve. Vice President Biden is the antithesis of everything Trump stands for, and his personal triumphs and tragedies have shaped him into the leader he is today. Joe Biden is the best choice to lead America through our worst crisis in a century.”

The Lincoln Project
Republican group that supports Joe Biden & whose mission is
‘Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box’)

Trump is a millstone around the Republicans’ necks, and they know it. Trump failed his party and he failed the nation. But the Republicans are stuck with him now. They supported this loser for over three years and have watched him melt down on a daily basis without challenging his dysfunctional and delusional ideas and actions. They witnessed his lack of leadership, along with his bullying and temper tantrums. They watched his approval ratings drop. They didn’t have the guts to challenge him when they knew fully well that he was dragging down not only himself, but also the entire Republican party. They had the perfect opportunity to oust him during the impeachment hearings, but they failed themselves and they failed America when they had the chance. Now the Republicans are stuck with this LOSER for the November election, and many of Trump’s supporters who are also up for reelection are at serious risk of losing their seats as well because it’s too late now for them to scatter like the cockroaches that they are in order to distance themselves from their dysfunctional cult leader. Too bad. So sad. That’s what they get for supporting the worst president in all of American history.

Elect Joe Biden on November 3, 2020 — our only chance to save America and make it great again.