(Dedicated to revealing the truth about impeached Trump until he resigns or is voted out)

Impeached Trump pardoned and commuted
the sentences of tax cheats, Wall Street crooks, billionaires and corrupt government officials, wiping clean the slates of rich, powerful and well-connected white men like himself.
Once again, it’s a political maneuver
that’s all about Trump!

In referring to Rod Blagojevich, “the face of public corruption in Illinois” and the ex-governor who has not once shown any remorse for his clear and documented record of egregious crimes that undermined the trust placed in him by voters, Trump said, “I would think that there have been many politicians — I'm not one of them by the way — that have said a lot worse over the phone.”

“Trump abused the pardon power by using it to reward friends and repair the reputations of felons who do not deserve it. This is another national scandal by a lawless executive.” (Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D. - N.J.)

According to a White House statement, the recommendations for the pardons and commutations came from the president’s longtime friends, business executives, celebrities, campaign donors, sports figures and political allies, and not from the traditional Justice Department’s pardons office. Trump continues to act as though the presidency is a reality show!

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After hearing the
Impeached Twitter Toddler’s
revengeful comments from the
East Room of the White House
after his Senate acquittal,
one thing became perfectly clear:
(Even though comparing Trump to a pig greatly insults the pig)



Republican legislators have said they hoped
Trump learned a lesson from his impeachment
and his subsequent trial.
Just what are they thinking and who are they kidding?
Impeached Twitter Toddler doesn’t
have the mental capacity for learning lessons!
The legislators have been hoping Trump would act normally
since the day he took office, but he hasn’t.
A malignant narcissist doesn’t care what anyone thinks
and learns nothing from past experiences.
Trump is only interested in himself and his self-aggrandizement. Period.
This country’s ONLY solution is to
oust Trump, the Republican’s incompetent cult leader.

ON NOV. 3, 2020

The snub seen around the country on 2/4/20:

“The manifesto of mistruths presented
in page after page of the address tonight
should be a call to action for everyone
who expects truth from the President
and policies worthy of his office
and the American people,” she said.
Way to go, Ms. Pelosi!

Fact check the speech
Democratic response to speech

The Twitter Toddler was acquitted
by Republican senators without backbones
and who live in fear of the mentally deranged,
narcissist in the Oval Office.
These senators have put
the interests of one president
over the interests of all Americans.
They treat Trump like a king instead of a president.
These senators have lowered the bar
for permissible conduct for future presidents.
They are accomplices to Trump’s cover-up.

The only remedy is for all of us to vote
in overwhelming numbers to replace
them — and Trump — in November.

The Republican senators are a disgrace to America,
worthless “Do-Nothings” who staged a cover-up,
better known as a “sham trial” or “kangaroo court.”
There appears to be very little desire
among the bulk of the
“endangered” GOP senators
who are up for reelection this fall
to break with their party and the President on their votes.
They are more worried about their own reelections than in doing
the work and the will of the people who they so poorly represent.
They need to be voted out of office on November 3rd!
See their names below.

These are the spineless, fearful-of-Trump Republican senators
who shirked their responsibilities to their electorate and
who are also up for reelection in November and
who we need to vote out of office:

Mitch McConnell - Kentucky (the evil ringleader)
Lindsey Graham - South Carolina
John Cornyn - Texas
Tom Cotton - Arkansas
Steve Daines - Montana
Joni Ernst - Iowa
Cindy Hyde-Smith - Mississippi
Jim Inhofe - Oklahoma
Kelly Loeffler - Georgia
David Perdue - Georgia
Jim Risch - Idaho
Mike Rounds - South Dakota
Thom Tillis - North Carolina
Shelley Moore Capito - West Virginia
Bill Cassidy - Louisiana
Cory Gardner - Colorado
Ben Sasse - Nebraska
Dan Sullivan - Alaska

Good News Countdown:
336 days until we inaugurate a new Democratic president on 1/20/2021
and oust the Scum that currently inhabits the Oval Office!

Don’t forget, stupid & simpleminded Trump supporters,
even though the Senate acquitted Trump during the impeachment trial,
your incompetent Twitter Toddler has already been
permanently rebuked & irrevocably impeached!
Nothing can change that.
It was a done deal with a 230-197 vote on 12/18/2019.
It’s now a part of American history.
Trump’s already been impeached; he’s a pathetic loser.
One thing that’s been revealed & confirmed during the trial,
regardless of its outcome, is that
Trump is Scum.

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”The Stable Genius” ”The Unstable Idiot”
”The Impeached Twitter Toddler”


02/05/2020 — Trump, tweeting about Senator Mitt Romney, said, “Slick, slippery, stealthy Mitt Romney had us fooled. Posing as a Republican, he tried to infiltrate [the] administration as Secretary of State. Now his cover’s blown, exposed by news reports as a Democrat secret asset.” The Impeached Twitter Toddler continues to live in his own make-believe, altered reality. He’s watched too many cartoons!

02/02/2020 — Trump, the Impeached Twitter Toddler, is so stupid that after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, he tweeted a congratulations message to the team from “the great state of Kansas,” when the team is actually from Kansas City, MISSOURI!

02/01/2020 — The Department of Justice revealed in a court filing that it has two dozen emails related to the Impeached Twitter Toddler’s involvement in the withholding of millions in security assistance to Ukraine -- a disclosure that came just hours after the Senate voted against subpoenaing additional documents and witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial.

01/29/2020 — The Impeached Twitter Toddler has issued a formal threat to former national security adviser John Bolton to keep him from publishing his book. Trump's tweets attacking Bolton Wednesday morning suggested he knew the contents of the manuscript. But how could he? The book isn’t yet published. Trump has repeatedly used his bully pulpit to attack, threaten and discredit witnesses who could testify against him. This is another of his attempts to try to squelch testimony and to protect himself from being “found out” by both aisles of the Senate and the citizens of America.

01/26/2020 — Listen to these words: “Our case against lyin’, cheatin’, liddle’ Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, Nervous Nancy Pelosi, their leader, dumb as a rock AOC, & the entire Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrat Party, starts today at 10:00 A.M.” These are the words of the Impeached Twitter Toddler, the unstable idiot who calls himself the president.The only thing lower than ‘low class’ is ‘no class,’ and this ‘no class’ megalomaniac currently occupies the Oval Office.

01/24/2020 — The Republican cover-up continued. Every member of the Senate GOP caucus voted against hearing from new witnesses or collecting new evidence. We voters are paying attention! The Republican “do nothings” voted to squelch new evidence that exists against Trump from former national security adviser John Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed on 1/24/2020 that a majority of American adults, 66 percent, support the Senate calling new witnesses to testify, as opposed to 27 percent who don’t. So, Republican Senators, do what you’ve been elected to do — represent the people who put you in office or else immediately resign and get out!

Scum attracts Scum — Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo berated and cursed at a National Public Radio reporter following a contentious exchange over Ukraine. Pompeo was interviewed by NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly, who says he cut the interview short after she repeatedly pressed him on why he hasn't defended former Amb. Marie Yovanovitch. After the interview ended, a Pompeo aide returned to the interview room and took her to Pompeo's private living room where Pompeo screamed and cursed at her. An administrative official screaming at a member of the free press — this is the kind of action being taught by Impeached Trump’s own example. Shit flows downhill, folks!

01/22/2020 — Trump's legal team unloaded on Democratic impeachment manager Representative Jerry Nadler in an exchange that resulted in a late night shouting match in the Senate chamber and prompted a bleary-eyed Chief Justice John Roberts to sternly admonish both sides for misconduct in the chamber. Fellow Americans, these are supposedly the best of the best that we can find to represent us! The Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people. If there’s anything we’re learning from this impeachment process, it’s the absolute need for TERM LIMITS on both sides of the aisle in this do-nothing Senate.

01/20/2020 — One year from today, on 01/20/2021, America will inaugurate a new Democratic president! The world can hardly wait! First order of business: the new president must be certain to call in an exterminator to disinfect the White House from the previous tenant.

01/15/2020 — The articles of impeachment have been delivered to the Senate. Now America will watch to see how the do-nothing, Republican-led Senate will make a sham of the trial in order to protect Trump, its mentally deranged cult leader, from being removed from office. Seven Democratic lawmakers will be tasked with prosecuting the case against Trump. Read about each of them: click here.

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01/04/2020 — Let’s not forget, Americans, that in the end, EVERYTHING that the recently impeached Trump does is ultimately all about HIMSELF, including the killing of Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani. It’s no coincidence that the Soleimani killing comes just days before Congress is slated to return from its December recess, with all eyes on the Senate as the upper chamber prepares to begin the impeachment trial. Trump was ultimately trying to take the focus off of his impeachment trial and attempting to twist reality to make himself appear to his supporters like he’s some sort of hero; and Trump supporters are clearly stupid enough not to be able to see through his predictable, repeatable and questionable maneuvering. Don’t normalize his sick, pathetic and dysfunctional mental state, folks. Remember, Trump is nothing but a mentally unstable malignant narcissist — period. Everything he does has been and always will be about his personal self aggrandizement at all costs and at the expense of everyone around him. We need to focus on the real business of ousting this incompetent idiot from the Oval Office! Nancy Pelosi understands and can see through Trump’s tactics perfectly and has signaled that she has no intention of backing down. She said, “This initiation of hostilities was taken without an Authorization for Use of Military Force against Iran, without the consultation of the Congress and without the articulation of a clear and legitimate strategy to either the Congress or the public.” Way to go, Madam Speaker! Never before in history has the nation endured so dangerous a president, never before has the Republican Party displayed such mindless submission to its unqualified leader, and never before have we had so unscrupulous a Senate Majority Leader as Mitch McConnell. Trump and McConnell are the evil twins in this country. They both need to go in order to make America great again.

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As we move through 2020, the last year
of putting up with the
let’s look at a synopsis
of this incompetent and
malignant narcissist’s
real track record.

The Impeached Twitter Toddler:
  • Was impeached on December 18, 2019 by the House of Representatives in an historic and permanent rebuke. Face it — Trump is both a pathetic loser and the worst president in all of American history.
  • Has taken repeated military actions against other nations on foreign soil without the pre-approval of Congress and without any plan or any end game. Trump is nothing more than an aimless loose cannon who blindly shoots from the hip and puts American lives at risk.
  • Increased the national debt by over TWO TRILLION DOLLARS since taking office, with NO PLAN whatsoever for reducing that debt.
  • Has been accused of sexual abuse by over 20 heroic women.
  • Continues to refuse releasing his tax returns to the American public. The one and only viable reason is that he’s hiding something that would incriminate him.
  • Separated thousands of migrant children from their parents and put them in prison camps inside the U.S. border.
  • Killed off the daily White House briefings and tried to squash the free press by stripping reporters of their credentials.
  • Was responsible for the longest government shutdown in American history (35 days), the THIRD government shutdown during his term in office, which put over 800,000 government workers out of work, cost the U.S. economy over $3 billion in unrecoverable economic activity, and reduced the country’s gross domestic product by over $11 billion during the last quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.
  • Declared a fictitious national emergency and stole nearly $8 billion taxpayer dollars to fund his unnecessary border wall.
  • Denies climate change while the worldwide scientific community proves otherwise. Additionally, this 73-year-old verbally attacked 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, the environmental and climate change activist who beat him out for Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’
  • Won huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and for huge corporations at the expense of the middle class.
  • Literally bragged that he could shoot someone without any consequences or without alienating his supporters, who are without any doubt the most stupid people on planet Earth.
  • Ridiculed people of color as “low-IQ individuals.”
  • Declared himself “The Tariff Man.” Tariffs are nothing more than taxes on Americans collected at the border.
  • Cozied up to dictators.
  • Opened new public lands to fossil fuel (oil) exploration, reduced the size of national parks, and waived protections for endangered species.
  • Excused the Saudi leader for the killing of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Turkish soil, and then paid off the Turkish leader by withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria, allowing him to finish off his enemies, the Kurds. Both of these actions signaled the strategic and moral bankruptcy of Trump’s leadership.
  • Embraced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s worldview a month after meeting with Kim Jong Un where he ridiculed our own U.S. intelligence community on the world’s stage.
  • Personally asked Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize — this is the epitome of self-aggrandizement!

THE BOTTOM LINE: America desperately needs a new president right now — one who has a proven track record of governing, leading and serving the people; not one who is destroying what America stands for with each passing day. The presidency is not an entry level job, and definitely not one for an impeached, mentally unstable, impotent, malignant narcissist!

AMERICA’S PRIORITY #1: You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out on November 3, 2020! This includes the members of the House of Representatives who voted against the Trumpster’s impeachment. Click here for a list of their names.
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The best article ever written about Trump: Trump is Not Well.
The second best article ever written about Trump: Trump’s Words Are Poison.
The third best article ever written about Trump: Trump’s Sinister Assault on Truth.
The fourth best article ever written about Trump: Luckily, Trump Is an Unstable, Non-Genius.


Trump /truhmp/
n. adolescent, adulterer, amateur, betrayer of U.S. national security, bigot, bullshit artist, bully, business failure (6 bankruptcies), colossal mistake, con artist, coward, deceiver, despot, deviate, draft dodger (5 times), egotist, enemy of America, failure, fake president, fascist, fool, fossil fuel Neanderthal, idiot, impeached failure, liar, lazy, low IQ loser, malignant narcissist, megalomaniac, misogynist, oligarch, pathological liar, pervert, psychopath, Putin admirer, quack, racist, serial sexual abuser (21 accusers), snake oil salesman, sociopath, sycophant, third-rate businessman, toddler, TWIDIOT, Twitter Toddler, unstable non-genius, wannabe authoritarian and autocrat, white nationalist, wimp, xenophobe. One-term wannabe president (2016 - 2020). Worst president in all of American history. Lowest approval rating of any president. Added $2 trillion to the national debt, in spite of his campaign promise to completely eliminate the national debt. Mentors: fascist dictators Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Trump’s standard, predictable mode of operating: deceive; denounce; deny; delude; deflect; defy; delay, delay, delay; defame and denigrate.

Trump supporters
n., absolutely and undeniably the most stupid and ignorant people on planet Earth.

Republican Party
n. Worthless “Do Nothings” in the U.S. House and Senate who are frozen, paralyzed and doing nothing in terms of the work of the people who put them in office. Legislators who are afraid to act on their own beliefs and instead live in fear of their cult leader, the mentally ill, malignant narcissist in the Oval Office. Wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Rifle Association.


The most stupid people on planet Earth
are the bottom-feeders who continue to support Trump.

We’re quite sure Trump would not appreciate most of what’s included on this web site. Do we care? Absolutely not because the real truth cannot be denied. We no longer give a damn about anything Trump has to say or think. He has already proven his absolute worthlessness and incompetence. We have ultimate respect for the office of the president, but we have no respect whatsoever for Trump, the person. Respect is not automatic; it’s earned. And Trump has not earned one iota of our respect. He is nothing more than an embarrassment to the United States and to its citizens. He spews hate, bigotry and racism, and has accomplished nothing. But don’t fear, fellow citizens, Trump is only a one-term, has-been president who will soon be voted out and then thankfully be forever forgotten.
Not Our President! No redos for Trump. Once is Enough!
Dissenting opinions: Call 1-800-GO-TO-HELL
Our 2020 bumper sticker: Anybody But Trump!

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Trump continues to destroy democracy!

”Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.” (Ron Paul)

”Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” (Mark Twain)

This web site space is being generously donated by its owner to educate the thinking public on the “real” vs. “fake” facts about Trump and his administration so that voters can make more educated and informed decisions in the voting booth in the upcoming 2020 election than they obviously did in 2016.

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