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Trump the PIG!
What is Trump's standard and predictable mode of operation? Read the excellent article that explains it here: Can Trump Bluster His Way Past Yet Another Mess?

Trump - America

The nation's #1 panhandler used Hurricane Ian to pad his pocketbook

Trump, America's #1 Panhandler, used the hurricane as an opportunity to beg for money. This pathetic asshole
sent out an email to his MAGA faithful during the hurricane, criticizing the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, presenting a poll asking questions about the raid and about Joe Biden's competency, and concluding with an invitation to contribute to his political action committees, suggesting a minimum donation of $25.

This twice-impeached, incompetent asshole did this while the Category 4 storm slammed into Florida with unprecedented force, killing over a dozen, and leaving more than 2 million people without power.

Donnie, you're nothing but a worthless, narcissistic pig!

While Donnie was begging for money during the hurricane, Melania was
promoting her Christmas ornaments on Twitter! The only thing worse than low-class is a family with no class.

Trump - the Toxic Narcissist

Trump — the Toxic, Bullying, Self-Absorbing Narcissist panhandles for donations during Hurricane Ian

Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder, characterized by a constant inflated sense of self-importance and who takes no accountability for the harm he leaves in his wake. He is a toxic, bullying narcissist.

"Narcissists are unreasonable and require compliance with what they believe is correct," said psychologist Dr. Danielle Forshee, PsyD. "The goal of the narcissist is to be recognized consistently as 'superior,' regardless of their actual achievements or behaviors." As a result, any conversation that doesn’t align with Trump's preexisting opinion is bound to go south — and fast. This describes Trump perfectly.

Trump is an overt narcissist — a toxic narcissist who “continually causes drama in others’ lives at the very least and causes pain and destruction at the very worst,” says clinical psychologist 
John Mayer, PhD.

Rachel Hoffman, PhD, LCSW, chief clinical officer at mental wellness platform Real, said, “I like to think of narcissists as doing the 'D’s' — they deny, devalue, and get defensive.”

The news has just reported that Trump has begged for donations from Mar-a-Lago as Hurricane Ian wreaks destruction across Florida.

This self-absorbed asshole had the gall to panhandle for donations to his Save America PAC (aka his personal pocketbook) while millions were suffering the aftermath of the worst hurricane to hit Florida in one hundred years!

One Twitter user posted this incredibly insightful and accurate statement: "Hello. There's a hurricane destroying our state. Perhaps you could not beg for donations right now. What a classless, clueless, distasteful, sed centered, tone deaf, absolute jerk!"

Another tweeted: "Right across the state, people are losing their homes, businesses, and possibly their lives — and this pathetic con man is out here panhandling." (@BillyCorben)

Trump is not mentally fit to hold any office in the land.

Marjorie Taylor Greene - the QAnon Bitch!

Marjorie Taylor Greene's husband files for divorce

Perry Greene, the QAnon Bitch's husband of 27 years, has filed for divorce,
stating that their marriage is "irretrievably broken."

Now the conspiracy theorist congresswoman has released a statement asking the media to respect their privacy as they work through the "personal and private matter."

Maybe the world should remind Marjorie of the time she filmed herself chasing 
Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg down the street in Washington, D.C., or when she yelled at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) through her mail slot.  And just maybe the world should give Marjorie the same courtesy she gave both of them.

Greene is a hypocrite.

Enough said.

Trump's demented cultists (aka "supporters") think they're the majority. In reality, they're just a loud, uneducated minority — Trump's mindless MAGA brigade of white supremacists, neo-Nazi's, and fascists.

The real majority is made up of Americans with a brain who think someone running for president who has committed crimes against the USA is not a good idea. The takeaway? Vote Democratic in the upcoming elections or else watch the Senate install the first American King.

About Trump:
Trump was ranked the worst president in 150 years by over 140 historians.

Read what life in America would be like if Trump runs and wins in 2024: Donald "Godfather" Trump — Part II