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Trump criticizes an Academy Award

Trump criticized the Academy Award for Best Picture being given to the South Korean film Parasite at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 2/20/2020 before admitting that he had not seen the movie!

Hmmm. Could it be because Parasite wasn’t a cartoon and required adult thinking? Just wondering.

Trump is nothing more than a “gas bag” who farts out of his mouth without thinking a dozen or more times a day. What an embarrassment to the people of the United States!

Trump says the World's Ice Caps are Setting Records!

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On 1/28/18, Trump was trying to cast doubt on mainstream scientific findings about climate change in an interview aired on Britain’s ITV channel saying, “There’s a cooling and there’s a heating. The ice caps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now. But now they’re setting records. They’re at a record level.”

Since when are
ice caps “setting records” when much of the world’s ice from the Alps to the Andes is melting amid global warming? “Glaciers and ice caps are globally continuing to melt at an extreme rate” said Michael Zemp, director of the World Glacier Monitoring Service. Trump’s implication that glaciers and ice caps are growing “is simply wrong. Or maybe he is referring to a different planet,” said Zemp. Greenland lost 11 billion tons of surface ice in ONE DAY in August, 2019! In July, 2019, the ice sheet lost 197 billion tons of ice.

On 3/7/18,
Politico reported that Trump is now filling the upper ranks of his administration with appointees who share his disbelief in the scientific evidence for climate change — giving them an opportunity to impose their views on policies ranging from disaster planning to national security to housing standards.

This is further proof of Trump living in his own twisted, alternate reality that exists nowhere other than the empty space between his ears.


How many synonyms are there in the English language for the word “IDIOT?” We don’t know, but now there’s a new one: TWIDIOT.


On 6/16/18, Trump tweeted, “My supporters are the smartest, strongest, most hard working and most loyal that we have seen in our countries history. It is a beautiful thing to watch as we win elections and gather support from all over the country. As we get stronger, do does our country. Best numbers ever!” COUNTRIES? Even grammar school children know it’s country’s, not countries, Donnie! This is even further evidence that Trump is chronologically 72 years old, but mentally he’s obviously an adolescent in the single digits with a diminutive IQ. Maybe this is why Trump exclaimed “I love the poorly educated!” because not only are his supporters poorly educated, he is obviously poorly educated as well. Maybe Trump uses Twitter to communicate to his supporters in short 128-character snippets because of both his and their short attention spans. Even Rex Tillerson, Trump’s first Secretary of State, said Trump didn’t read and was undisciplined.

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” (Chili Davis)