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Trump's Ongoing Lies!

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lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies.

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Without a doubt, Trump lies. But Trump’s method is greater than just lying. He intentionally blurs the meaning of words to make them mean whatever he wants them to mean, resetting definitions and inverting their meaning whenever it suits him. As a matter of fact, Fact Checker has logged 10,111 of Trump’s false or misleading claims in his first 828 days since assuming office.

Breaking news on 6/5/18: In a confidential, hand-delivered memo to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump’s lawyers acknowledged that, yes, Trump had in fact dictated a misleading statement released in his son’s name which attempted to deflect questions about a meeting with a Kremlin-tied lawyer at Trump Tower. This was a stark private acknowledgement of what was a repeated public falsehood by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow. It highlights a communication strategy that Trump has been using over and over again: deny the real facts, attack the news outlets, and dismiss unbiased journalism as “fake news.” The bottom line is that Trump is nothing more than a serial liar who lives in his own twisted reality and who is willing to lie and cheat to cover his dirty little tracks and to blame anyone and everyone else for his misdeeds.

As a matter of fact,
Trump makes up facts and lies so much that it’s not possible to keep track of them all; but the New York Times is trying. Click here to read the NY Times list of Trump’s lies, and this list only goes through November 11, 2017. However, it includes the links to the real facts in each case.


James Comey, in his new book,
A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, states this about liars (referring to Trump): “They lose the ability to distinguish between what’s true and what’s not. They surround themselves with other liars….Perks and access are given to those willing to lie and tolerate lies. This creates a culture which becomes an entire way of life.”

Trump even lied about the condition of his own health! On 5/1/18, CNN reported that
Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump’s personal physician, reported that Trump himself dictated the whole letter when reporting (and lying) about his health prior to the election! Bornstein said, “He [Trump] dictated that whole letter. I just made it up as I went along.” So Trump lied in order to skew the facts in order to get elected. He has no morals whatsoever. Impeach Trump NOW!


Believing Lies

On 5/20/18, Trump said 11 false things in just five tweets! He can’t either open his mouth or exercise his thumbs without lying! He has no credibility whatsoever. He gets no respect very simply because he deserves none.

On 6/20/18, the Washington Post reported that Trump seems to be saying more and more things that aren’t true. Read the article here that reports that just within the last four days Trump has tweeted false or misleading information at least seven times on the topic of immigration and at least six times on a Justice Department inspector general report into the FBI’s handling of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. That’s more than a dozen instances of untrue statements on only two issues! False statements by Trump are the norm rather than the exception. The citizens of America can trust NOTHING that comes out of Trump’s mouth. He has no credibility whatsoever. Bella DePaulo, a psychology researcher at the University of California at Santa Barbara, said, “When people hear the same lies over and over again — especially when they want to believe those lies — a kind of new reality can be created.” Trump’s use of the repetition of lies is one of his particularly effective techniques for convincing his poorly educated supporters of the veracity of his false claims. Trump intentionally launches a series of lies into our media ecosystem and then watches those lies bounce around and amplify through the system. In another tweet this week, Trump said, “Crime in Germany is up 10% plus since migrants were accepted. Other countries are even worse. Be smart, America.” Trump did not report any sources, because there are no such sources — they’re made up; “trumped up,” so to speak. The real facts show that the opposite is true. Reported crime in Germany was actually down by 10% last year, the lowest in 30 years! Donnie, your Pinocchio nose is growing so long now that we’re surprised you even fit in the room.


You can always tell when Trump is lying: his mouth is open.
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Trump Cheats!

The Inauguration

Trump cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats.

Breaking news on 9/6/18: The Guardian reported that a government photographer edited official pictures of Trump’s inauguration to make the crowd appear bigger following a personal intervention from Trump.

And don’t ever forget that Trump was still 3 MILLION VOTES SHORT of the number of votes cast for Hillary Clinton.