Democracy Can Finally Be Restored With President Joe Biden

August 31


Trump Caught Lying To America Again For His Own Personal Gain

Trump is a lying bastard. CNN has reported that Trump was painting a positive picture of the coronavirus pandemic and urging states to reopen the nation's businesses and schools while data from the White House coronavirus task force released Monday shows he was getting increasingly dire reports about the spread of the pandemic in July and August.

"Rather than being straight with the American people and creating a national plan to fix the problem, the President and his enablers kept these alarming reports private while publicly downplaying the threat to millions of Americans," House Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus chairman James Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, said in a statement.

The more granular data in the report show how Trump has sought to spin good news and cherry-pick positive data.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s White House is lambasting the subcommittee's decision to release the reports.

There are no words that can come out of Trump’s mouth that are believable in any way, shape or form.

August 31


8 Senate Seats Will Likely Flip From Republican to Democratic This November

Democrats need a net gain of only three seats to flip the chamber if they also win the White House.

Eight seats currently held by Republicans are likely to flip to Democratic. They are:

  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • North Carolina
  • Maine
  • Iowa
  • Georgia
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
A vote for Biden is a vote for a better America!

August 30


Instead of growing into the job of the presidency, Trump has demeaned it

It’s not about ratings, but that’s all Trump cares about. For over three and a half years he’s treated the presidency as though it was a reality TV show where he’s the host and where he’s fighting for the largest market share. The legislators and citizens are mere pawns — disposable when they don’t serve his evil schemes.

Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man, was shot in the back seven times by a police officer in Kenosha, WI a week ago, and Trump, now under pressure as he visited hurricane damaged Orange, TX, when asked by a reporter if he was also going to visit Kenosha said, “probably so.”
Trump is quite slow in the brain — he needs two more days to figure out what to say about killings that happened a week ago. Roughly 1,000 people, including Blake's father, marched peacefully there Saturday in a rally against police brutality, the Associated Press reported. Trump doesn’t want to visit Kenosha or any other site where police murder unarmed citizens. He sees himself as the “law and order” president where the police take a hard stand against people’s right to protest. Trump has repeatedly used protests as a campaign talking point. He’s done it over and over. Trump has no ability to be what people need — the empathetic president who can be there to console and express sympathy in times of need.

Politicians in Kenosha, WI urged protesters on Saturday to channel their energy and anger toward voting in November. Vote for Joe Biden!

More than 2,000 students, faculty members and alumni at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School signed an open letter this weekend opposing Trump's policies and rhetoric. In their letter to Trump they said, "Although we do not aim to make any political endorsements with this letter, we do express our unequivocal stance against the xenophobia, sexism, racism, and other forms of bigotry that you have actively and implicitly endorsed in your campaign." Trump often touts the time he spent at the Wharton business school, and the letter noted that those who signed it were "outraged that an affiliation with our school is being used to legitimize prejudice and intolerance." Note that Trump merely holds an undergraduate degree from Wharton, not a graduate degree from its prestigious MBA program.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump
denounced Black Lives Matter protesters as “anarchists, terrorists, agitators and thugs.” Everyone knows that the chief agitator and thug is the one in the Oval Office who defends and supports the aggressive actions by his low-IQ supporters in Portland, who fired paintballs and pepper spray at onlookers from pickup trucks as they drove through the city streets Saturday night.

Trump arrived at the White House in January of 2017 as the first president never to have served a day in political office or the military and had little time for business as usual — or even the traditions and laws that bind a commander in chief. After a lifetime as a smash-mouth wanna be celebrity, he became a smash-mouth president. At 74, he turns to the same litany of political tactics he always has, just as he relies on the same vocabulary (“tremendous,” “incredible,” “nasty,” “believe me,” “winning,” “loser,” “disgusting,” “disgrace”).

Trump is an example of a malignant narcissist at its worst. He is a clear and present danger to our country and to our democracy. Don’t ever forget, folks, this is not Donald Trump’s America; it’s our America. Trump was and is a short-timer. He will be long forgotten while we’re still here making America great for the long term. Trump must be ousted on Nov. 3rd.

Joe Biden is our best antidote for the current nightmare in the Oval Office.

August 29


Trump Tricks Anti-Trumpers For Republican National Convention Video

New York City tenants were duped by Trump into appearing in one of his Republican National Convention videos.

Lynne Patton, a longtime Trump associate who oversees federal housing programs in New York, told a leader of a tenants’ group at the New York City Housing Authority, the nation’s largest, that she was interested in speaking with residents about conditions in the authority’s buildings, which have long been in poor repair. The tenants were never told that their interviews would be edited into a two-minute video clip that would air prominently on Thursday night at the Republican National Convention and be used to bash Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“I am not a Trump supporter,” said Claudia Perez, one of the tenants. “I am not a supporter of his racist policies on immigration. I am a first-generation Honduran. It was my people he was sending back.”

The four tenants in the public housing video were all interviewed on Friday by
The New York Times. Three said they opposed Trump and were misled about the video.

The episode represents yet another stark example of how Trump has deployed government resources to further his personal political ambitions, and doing so by more lying and cheating.

This is what happens when you give a pig the White House.

Don’t forget, Americans, that
the coronavirus death count has now surpassed 180,000 Americans. Trump still has no plan. As a matter of fact, Trump has no plan for what he would do if he somehow won a second term. This is Trump’s exact quote for what he said when asked for his plans by New York TimesPeter Baker prior to his speech at the Republican National Convention:

"But so I think, I think it would be, I think it would be very, very, I think we'd have a very, very solid, we would continue what we're doing, we'd solidify what we've done, and we have other things on our plate that we want to get done.”

That was
Trump’s exact unintelligible, nonsensical quote. He has no plan. It’s obvious that Trump’s speech writer fabricated everything for him to read, for Trump does not have the mental capacity to even structure a simple, intelligible sentence.

"I prefer to come to work each day and just see what develops." (Donald Trump)

Maryanne Trump Barry, the president’s oldest sister, called her brother “phony, untrustworthy and cruel.”

The reelection of Donald Trump “
would be the end of American democracy,” said clinical psychologist Mary Trump, president Trump’s niece. He is “a narcissist, a petty, pathetic little man, ignorant, incapable, out of his depth, and lost in his own delusional spin.

Trump is clearly incompetent.

August 28


And Pigs Can Fly

Trump made even more empty promises and told more lies in his negative, lambasting speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night, including repeatedly saying that there would be a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, or even sooner. This comes out of the mouth of the idiot who also claimed that the coronavirus would disappear “like a miracle,” who repeatedly rejected the advice of health experts about wearing protective masks, and who even failed to protect the attendees at last night’s speech on the South Lawn of the White House by ignoring social distancing guidelines. The most pressing crisis facing America today is the coronavirus, and Trump conveniently moved it to a back seat position and just barely glossed over it in his speech because he completely mismanaged the most important issue of his entire presidency.

Trump’s speech was filled with outright fabrications, gross exaggerations and outright lies, as proven by CNN’s “Facts First” fact checking, solely for the sake of political theater and to rile up his dwindling support base. His boldest claims in his choppy, juvenile speech obviously came on his hopeful dreams and empty promises of what lay ahead since his real track record of what he’s actually done in the past three and a half years proves him to be a pathetic failure and a serial liar.

Trump is campaigning as the “law and order” president, but he is the “lawlessness and disorder” president, the direct result of his incredible lack of leadership.

By the way,
Nielsen ratings reported that Biden clearly edged out Trump. Biden’s speech one week ago was higher-rated (23.6 million viewers) than Trump’s last night (21.6 million viewers) on the same nine networks.

August 27


“Trump froze. He was scared. And he was petty and vindictive.”

Kamala Harris said
Trump was "fixated on the stock market" and "caved" to the Chinese government. "And here's what you have to understand about the nature of a pandemic: It's relentless. You can't stop it with a tweet. You can't create a distraction and hope it'll go away. It doesn't go away," Harris said.

Harris said Trump "doesn't understand the presidency" and believes it is "all about him." Trump has shown "a reckless disregard for the well-being of the American people. The Republican convention is designed for one purpose: To soothe Donald Trump's ego, to make him feel good,” Harris said. "But here's the thing: He's the President of the United States, and it's not supposed to be about him. It's supposed to be about the health and the safety and the well-being of the American people. And on that measure, Donald Trump has failed,” she added.

With Trump being down in the polls, Republicans are betting their political survival on convincing Americans that the country has turned the corner on the coronavirus, and that Trump is the one leader who can deliver a vaccine in record-smashing time. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

* * * * *

Both Biden and Harris have talked with the Blake family after police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back in Kenosha, WI. And Harris also addressed the shooting and the unrest that has followed in her Thursday afternoon speech. Trump, the coward, has yet to even comment on the shooting.

Trump would be nothing if he wasn’t a weak loser.

August 27


Trump Supporting Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Supports The Shooter in Kenosha, WI

For those wondering what’s wrong with the reporting of news in America today, look no further than Trump’s favorite TV news show — Fox News.

Tucker Carlson is standing by the vigilante teen accused of fatally shooting two people and injuring another with an assault rifle during a Kenosha, Wisconsin, protest Tuesday night. On the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" show Wednesday night, the talk show host appeared to justify the shooter’s actions, saying it's understandable given violence and chaos in the city. Carlson painted the teen as a victim who "tried to run from the mob," adding that Rittenhouse's actions may qualify as "self defense."

How can anyone say the shooting was “understandable” and the shooter was a “victim?”

Carlson's remarks were instantly condemned across social media.

"An innocent black guy is killed by police and Tucker Carlson calls him a thug," 
tweeted CNN commentator Keith Boykins. "A guilty white guy murders two people and Tucker Carlson calls him a patriot."

This twisted and skewed rationalization from Tucker Carlson, one of Trump’s favorite reporters, is a big part of what’s wrong with America, and this is where Trump gets his news.

August 26


Trump Puppet Mike Pompeo Makes False Claims in RNC Speech

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a controversial speech on the second night of the Republican National Convention while on a taxpayer-funded diplomatic trip to Israel. Additionally, much of what Pompeo said was at odds with reality, claiming, for example, that "NATO is stronger" because of Trump. The truth is that Trump spent the past several years bashing the historic NATO alliance while raising the nerves of US allies in the process. Pompeo repeatedly embellished what Trump has accomplished in terms of foreign policy. Pompeo's speech was illegal and in violation of the Hatch Act — a federal law that prohibits federal employees, other than the president, from engaging in political activities (including campaigning) while on the job.

The second night of the Republican National Convention, like the first, was riddled with dishonesty and false allegations. How is it that Trump’s administration is filled with so many liars?

Joe Biden currently holds a comfortable lead over Trump in national polls and in key swing states. Democrats are in control of the House and, if Biden wins the White House, would need to have a net pick-up of only three Senate seats to gain control of that chamber as well. A Democratic Washington would be a boon to some business sectors, with big corporations facing larger tax bills, finally giving smaller competitors a leg up.


August 25


Republican National Convention = The Parade Of Dishonesty

Donald Trump, Jr. was the keynote speaker at the first night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) which gave a misleading portrait of Trump’s presidency and which was filled with so many contradictions, outright lies, and vile fabrications that fact checkers were shaking their heads in disbelief at the RNC’s “parade of dishonesty” and the “fire hose of false or misleading claims, mostly drawn from Trump’s arsenal of falsehoods.” The Washington Post focused on only 19 falsehoods. The Associated Press concentrated on Trump’s “dizzying array of misleading claims about voting fraud and healthcare.” And the New York Times reported that “the speakers and prerecorded videos appeared to be describing an alternate reality: one in which the nation was not nearing 180,000 deaths from the coronavirus.”

The highly scripted version of Trump presented Monday night is neither authentic nor sustainable.
Republicans’ fake news, out-of-context accusations, wild fabrications and pandemic omissions cannot stand up to the truth, which is that Trump has been and still is unfit for office.

Our recommendation:
Skip watching the Republican National Convention — there’s nothing of substance worth watching.

August 24


Donald Trump, Jr. Thinks His Father Will Lose In November

Donald Trump, Jr. believes his father will lose the presidential election in November, and that it will lead to federal prosecutions of the president, his family and allies. He has reportedly said that he does not believe a Biden administration would engage in a "peaceful transition" and instead will "shoot the prisoners."

As it should!

Trump currently trails Biden in
all major national polls.

August 23


The Ex-Host Of A Failed TV Reality Show Is Rushing To Finalize The Republican National Convention

The Democrats set a high bar with their convention, which was applauded by members on both sides of the aisle. So Trump is trying to match that production put on for Joe Biden.

Trump has tapped help from his failed television reality show, The Apprentice, to choreograph the upcoming GOP convention.

As Monday’s kickoff looms, Republican officials were still deciding what segments to air live and what would be taped in advance. Such decisions are typically made weeks in advance. Planners said the GOP convention would be more akin to a regular convention, with a focus on live onstage moments featuring Trump, whom aides described as the week’s “talent in chief.”

Talent in chief? Pleeeeeeze!
[/vomit] The most pressing issue facing America is still the spread of the coronavirus. The United States has the highest number of coronavirus infections and deaths in the world, and Trump still has no plan! The US confirmed another 44,572 new cases and 983 new deaths in a 24-hour period yesterday, keeping the US firmly in the position of the worst-affected country in the world. The US has now confirmed more than 5.6 million cases and at least 176,353 people have died, and Trump is doing nothing except worrying about his reelection chances.

Trump plans to speak each night in order to rebut charges made against him throughout the Democratic program. That means we can expect more lies, more denials, more name-calling, more blaming, more twisting of facts, more defending of incompetence, and more lack of responsibility from impeached Trump. Nothing new and nothing productive. So who cares? [/yawn]

Trump’s lineup of speakers:

  • His family members (who cares?)
  • Dan Scavino, Trump’s former caddy and now deputy chief of staff for communications (who cares?)
  • Larry Kudlow, national economic advisor (who cares?)
  • Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the Missouri couple that pointed firearms at peaceful black protesters (who cares?)
  • Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s counselor (who cares?)
  • Melania Trump (most definitely, who cares?)
  • Mike Pence (who cares?)
[/zzz /zzz]

Who cares about anything that comes out of the mouth of Trump? As a matter of fact, Trump’s older sister, retired federal appellate judge Maryanne Trump Barry, said, “All he wants to do is appeal to his base. He has no principles. None. None. You can’t trust him.” Even Trump’s own family can’t stand him.

August 21

Teeny Weeny Trump

The Teeny Weeny Twitter Toddler Went On Another Worthless Rant

In a failed attempt to upstage Joe Biden, our next president, on the day he accepted the Democratic nomination for president, the clueless, impeached Twitter Toddler, instead of focusing his planned speech on trade and manufacturing, used his “news conference” to attempt to lambast Biden. It obviously didn’t work, and we’re not even going to give Trump the benefit of reporting on the content of his lies other than Trump saying
, “In 47 years, Joe did none of the things of which he now speaks. He will never change, just words!” Those are a$$hole Trump’s exact words. Sorry, Donnie Do-Nothing, but Biden’s exemplary record is part of our nation’s historical record. You can’t change history by wishing it away. Nobody cares any more about anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, for he lies every time his lips move.

So instead we’ll focus on our next president, Joe Biden, a man of character who we can respect, a man of integrity who we can trust, a man of honor and intelligence who can lead our nation forward.

Pasted Graphic
Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States

Only the Democratic platform of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can help rebuild America from the damage done over the past four years by the current administration.

We must all vote for Biden in the upcoming election. Vote by mail, vote absentee, or vote in person — it doesn’t matter — but don’t let the
impeached Twitter Toddler scare even a single one of us from our ABSOLUTE RIGHT as Americans to vote for Joe Biden.

August 20


Trump, The Racist, Backs Other Racist House Candidates

Trump congratulated self-described Islamophobe, Laura Loomer,
for winning the Republican nomination in Florida’s 21st Congressional District; and voiced his support for Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon conspiracy theorist with a history of racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic remarks, who secured the Republican party’s nomination in Georgia. Trump said Greene was a “future Republican star.” As far back as June, POLITICO uncovered videos in which Greene disparaged Black people, Muslims and Jews, prompting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and others in the GOP to denounce the candidate for Congress in northwest Georgia.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, in an effort to backpedal her way out of Trump’s further misdeeds, said that Trump “hasn’t done a deep dive into the statements by these two particular women.” Well, as president, maybe he should have! Isn’t that one of the jobs of the president’s staff — to check out such things and do “damage control?” Maybe if Trump would attend his daily news briefings and read the daily reports prepared for him instead of getting his news second-hand from the talking heads on Fox News, he’d grow a brain!

Trump’s appalling and disgusting support of racists proves what scum we currently have in the Oval Office, and is another convincing reason to oust him in the November 3rd election.


August 18


We, the Voters, Nominated Joe Biden for President!

“Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. It is what it is.” (Michelle Obama)

Trump is finished. Aug. 17th marked the day that the Democrats began the process of nominating their choice for a “REAL” President of the United States of America. Over the past three and a half years, we’ve all seen what a fake president can or cannot do, and the people of this great nation are embarrassed by the lack of leadership, the incompetence, the whining, the blaming, the name calling, and the malignant narcissism.

Aug. 17th is the day that started the process of nominating an esteemed statesman, a proven leader, and a caring and empathetic family man as our next president. Aug. 17th is the day that Joe Biden officially stepped up to take on the process of rebuilding what Trump has so effectively torn down.

This day has been too long in coming, and
we welcome Mr. Biden and give him our full support. May this day be the day that the memory of impeached Trump, the worst president in all of American history, begins to fade into the amnesia of history, to be forever forgotten. It is what it is.

The following prominent Republicans have already announced that they will NOT be supporting Trump in the November election, and we congratulate these Republicans who are showing that they have a backbone to stand up against Trump:

  • Mitt Romney, senator from Utah
  • Former Governor John Kasich of Ohio
  • John Bolton, former national security advisor
  • Jeff Flake, former senator from Arizona
  • William H. McRaven, retired four-star Navy admiral and Navy SEAL
  • Colin Powell, former secretary of state
  • Miles Taylor, former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security
  • Christine Whitman, former governor of New Jersey
  • Meg Whitman, CEO of Quibi
  • Susan Molinari, former congresswoman from New York
  • Carly Fiorina, 2016 presidential candidate
  • Representative Francis Rooney of Florida
  • Paul Ryan, former speaker of the House
  • John Boehner, former speaker of the House
  • John Kelly, former White House chief of staff
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
  • Mark Sanford, former congressman and governor of South Carolina
  • Dan Coats, former senator from Indiana
All of these notable Republicans have smartened up, have realized that Trump is no leader, and will be voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

August 16


Trump Plots to Kneecap the US Postal Service Against Americans

Vindictive Trump is making an effort to sabotage mail-in ballots in the November election through his hand-picked new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, a Trump crony who has no prior Postal Service experience. This is not surprising since Trump has no prior government or military experience. The untrained has appointed the untrained.

DeJoy has already reassigned 23 postal executives which deemphasizes decades’ worth of institutional knowledge and,
like every dictator, centralizes power around himself, a longtime Republican fundraiser and top Trump donor who contributed over $1.5 million to Trump’s campaign. DeJoy’s agency sent a letter to 46 states and Washington, DC, warning it could not guarantee the on-time delivery of all of their mail-in ballots at a time in history when a record number of people are expected to vote by mail due to the pandemic. Coincidentally, DeJoy removed 10% of the Postal Service’s high-speed sorting machines from key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida; and he’s trying to eliminate people’s freedom of speech by mandating that postmasters not be authorized to speak to the press about what’s going on.

Trump is kneecapping the Postal Service in an attempt to rig the election in his favor and undermine American democracy since he trails Joe Biden significantly in the polls. Trump is demonic and Hitlerian, and he doing everything he can to undermine American voters’ confidence in mail-in voting. The process for delivering ballots by mail, however, is already a tried and tested process that’s been in existence for generations. In the last election, 31 million people voted by mail. Nonetheless, Trump has called the Postal Service “a joke” and has threatened to veto a Congressional bill to provide it with additional funding.

A joke? Sorry, Donnie, but you’re the joke. The Postal Service is critical not only to delivering mail-in ballots, but also to getting prescriptions to people during the pandemic and to delivering Amazon packages.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA), chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, which oversees the USPS, said, “The Trump administration’s ongoing campaign to sabotage the UP Postal Service is a direct attack on our democracy.”

Even Taylor Swift spoke out against Trump, accusing him of a "calculated" effort to dismantle the postal service and "ineffective leadership gravely worsened" by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ironically, two-faced Trump has requested mail-in ballots for elections in Florida in spite of his insistence that the system is rigged.

August 16


Non-Apologetic Hate Group Follows Trump’s Lead

Shit flows downhill. A plumber taught me that valuable lesson years ago about how things start at the top and disseminate downward from there.
In 2016 Trump took office and shit has flowed downhill from him ever since. In that same year, following Trump’s example of never apologizing, the far-right extremist hate group, Proud Boys, was founded in Trump’s own home town of New York. Its members describe themselves as "Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world."

Yesterday, in Kalamazoo, MI, that hate group clashed with counter protesters. Fights broke out, and
people were punching, kicking and even pepper-spraying one another. Authorities said multiple groups were "visibly armed with a variety of weapons, including guns.” Police moved in to restore order.

Did Trump send the Proud Boys to Kalamazoo? No. But remember — shit flows downhill.
Trump has set a bad example starting at the top where such groups now proliferate like they never have before. Remember Trump’s hatred-inspiring “Liberate Michigan” and “Liberate Virginia?” Remember Trump defending white nationalists and Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville when he said that there were “very fine people on both sides?” Remember Trump’s own use of unidentified goon squads using tear gas and rubber bullets on American citizens in Portland, Oregon? Trump set the example — a bad example. You can sugar coat it all you want. You can try to hide it by putting lipstick on a pig, but underneath it all it’s still a pig, and yes, shit flows downhill from Trump.

August 14


Do-Nothing Trump Attacks Kamala Harris

In his highly predictable and dysfunctional manner, impeached Trump, the worst president in all of American history, attacked Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s outstanding pick as his vice presidential running mate in the upcoming election, calling her “mean,” “nasty,” and “disrespectful.” That’s laughable, coming from the mouth of the ill-mannered Twitter Toddler. Trump, who had no previous government or military experience prior to his election, and whose pathetic performance since taking office has demonstrated that he’s unfit for any public office, found it impossible to lambast Harris on her stellar performance.

Unlike Trump, Kamala Harris has the qualifications and has earned the right to run as Biden’s running mate on the Democratic ticket with long experience in executive and legislative roles. She has an enviable track record of outstanding performance in public service going back nearly 20 years, including district attorney of San Francisco (2004 - 2011), Attorney General of California (2011 - 2017) and United States Senator (2017 - present). Trump’s qualifications — none, nada, nonexistent.

President Obama offered his congratulations to Harris, saying in a statement Tuesday that Biden "nailed this decision" and “she is more than prepared for the job.”

On 8/13/20,
Republican mayor of Luray, Virginia, Barry Presgraves, posted a comment on Facebook saying that Joe Biden picked “Aunt Jemima as his VP.” This is yet one more example of an ignorant Republican Trump follower.

On 8/13/20, Trump, instead of leading Americans in the fight of our lives against the Covid-19 pandemic, used his press conference to promote another birther lie, this time about Kamala Harris. Isn’t it incredible that this imbecilic proselyte has a new cause to project onto in order to deflect from his incompetence?

August 14


Biden Calls For A Mask Mandate

When a young child wants to cross the street into oncoming traffic, the parent, who knows better, stops him in order to protect him. Epidemiologists, who know better, have from Day 1 told us that wearing masks is not only our best protection against catching the coronavirus, but also the best way to prevent spreading it to others.

Sometimes the knowledge of experts must eclipse the ignorance of the likes of Trump for the common good. And so Joe Biden,
after receiving a briefing from public health experts, said every American should wear a mask while outside for at least the next three months and that all governors should mandate mask wearing. This is sound, rational and logical thinking in order to thwart the spread of Covid-19 in America. Granted, it flies in the face of the ignorant; but it’s time for educated leadership to protect Americans, just as parents protect their children from running into traffic in spite of the children’s temper tantrums and whining. We’ve already heard enough whining from politicians who know little to nothing about disease control and who only have ulterior political motives and alternate agendas for following Trump, their a$$hole cult leader, who, like the Pied Piper, will have us unquestionably following him until we all perish. Resist the misinformed, the ignorant, and those with alternate personal ambitions.

“Today, Joe Biden called for a national mask mandate. I couldn’t agree more. It would save many lives — and save the economy too,” said Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who instituted a mask mandate in the state of Michigan nearly a month ago.

Wake up and grow a brain, America! It’s not about “rights.” It’s about saving your life and the lives of your family. Wear a mask in order to stop this pandemic from spreading even further.

August 13


Ignorance Is On Full Display In Florida

Let’s clearly spell a synonym for ignorant: Billy Woods, the red-state Marion County sheriff. While Florida set a daily record for Covid-19 deaths this Tuesday with an additional 277 deaths, including 13 in Marion County, Woods prohibited his deputies from wearing masks at work. His order also applies to visitors to the sheriff’s office.

In an email to the sheriff’s department shared with The Washington Post, Woods disputed the idea that masks are a consensus approach to battling the pandemic. “We can debate and argue all day of why and why not. The fact is, the amount of professionals that give the reason why we should, I can find the exact same amount of professionals that say why we shouldn’t,” Woods wrote in the email. Who are you getting your information from, Billy, one of Trump’s witch doctors? Short-sightedness and stupidity must be running rampant in Florida, and that is a primary reason for the increase in the spread of the coronavirus. It also clearly points to a lack of leadership in the Oval Office from which no national policy has been set forth to stop this virus from spreading.

Billy Boy obviously can’t read or he’d know that the CDC and the majority of epidemiologists and health experts recommend that the
wearing of masks is one of the primary means of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

August 11


Trump’s Failed Leadership Is Exposed Again

Trump’s frantic and lie-strewn attempt to convince Americans the nation is back to normal before the election is failing. Trump’s lies cannot hold up under scrutiny or when exposed by the truth.

Trump is demanding that students return to class and for college football to kick off, making education and collegiate sports the latest area of American life to be contaminated by his false narratives about the pandemic.
All of Trump’s assurances about the crisis — which have tended to minimize its impact and ignore science — have proven to be wrong.

Now, some of the first schools that are following Trump’s calls to fully reopen are being hit by new coronavirus outbreaks almost as soon as classes begin.

Instead of taking the worst public health crisis in 100 years seriously and working with fact-based and scientific approaches, Trump has devoted his energy to arguing that a response that is clearly disastrous is a glowing success.

Thousands of Americans are dying every week, and America has a staggering one-quarter of all the world's 20 million coronavirus cases; and yet Trump continues to paint a rosy, fantastical notion that the nightmare is all but over.
Trump is nothing but a dismal failure. He knows it. We know it. And we will be grading his report card in the voting booth on November 3rd.

August 9


Too Poor To Retire? Under Trump It’ll Only Get Worse

Forget retirement under Trump, folks. On Saturday the short-sighted Twitter Toddler pledged to pursue a permanent cut to the payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare if he wins reelection in November. The coronavirus-induced layoffs have already dealt a significant blow to Social Security’s finances, and Trump’s payroll tax cut will make it worse.

“If I’m victorious on November 3rd, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax,” Trump said at a news conference in Bedminster, N.J. “I’m going to make them all permanent. In other words, I’ll extend beyond the end of the year and terminate the tax. And so we’ll see what happens.”

We’ll see what happens? This is not a high school experiment. Economists have already told us what will happen.

What’ll happen is that it would have catastrophic fiscal effects on programs including Medicare and also Social Security, which watchdogs recently have warned is in dire financial straits, expected next year to have costs that exceed its total incomes. But clueless Trump, who can’t add one plus one or put one foot in front of the other, is going to “see what happens.”

Last year, between August and December, about $500 billion went into the Social Security and Medicare trust funds from payroll taxes. The big loss of jobs means the two entitlement programs' trust funds will likely be drained years earlier than forecast.

So for those who have not yet reached the age of Medicare or retirement, get ready to work more years before you’re able to retire. And for those who are already retired, get ready for reduced benefits.

Biden responded in a statement that Trump threatens to “undermine the entire financial footing of Social Security,” adding: “He is laying out his road map to cutting Social Security.”

It is more critically important than ever that madman Trump be ousted from office.

August 8


9/9/20 UPDATE: report from San Diego State University’s Center for Health Economics & Policy Studies said the 462,000-person Sturgis Motorcycle Rally led to significant spread of the novel coronavirus in the event’s home state of South Dakota and in other parts of the United States. The consequences were “substantial,” with researchers estimating 266,796 cases could be linked to the rally, which is about 19 percent of the number reported nationally between Aug. 2 and Sept. 2. Based on a Covid-19 case statistically costing about $46,000, the researchers said, that would mean the rally carried a public health price tag of $12.2 billion.

8/21/20 UPDATE:
At least seven Covid-19 cases in Nebraska's Panhandle region have now been tied to the Sturgis rally, as well as 15 confirmed cases in Minnesota. Health officials say they expect to see additional cases in the next few days. South Dakota reported 193 new cases on 8/21/20. It's one of several states that have seen an increase in new cases this past week compared to the week prior, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

8/19/20 UPDATE: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attracted more than 460,000 motorcyclists this year, nearly twice as many people as officials had expected. One patron who visited One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon in downtown Sturgis during the massive motorcycle rally has already tested positive for COVID-19, leading health officials to warn of potential widespread exposure to others.

Coronavirus Super-Spreader Event About To Begin In Sturgis, SD

Despite objections from a majority of its residents, Sturgis, South Dakota is preparing to host the largest gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in the world — 10 days of drag racing, music concerts and other festivities.

The celebration — which usually draws about 500,000 people — will take place as
 the coronavirus pandemic remains out of control and health experts warn against large gatherings that help fuel the spread.

When surveyed, 60% of Sturgis residents told the city they'd rather the event not proceed as scheduled this year. The threat of the virus looms large.

Just listen to the stupidity of the reasoning of Rod Woodruff, owner of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip campground: "These people on motorcycles, they're risking their life every time they come across an intersection that has a car that can come out there and kill them," he said. "And so they're not all that concerned about a virus when they know what is needed to do in order to stay safe and minimize the risks of infection." Note: Woodruff would rather risk lives for money as he believes the government and the media are “instilling fear” and restricting freedom, as he
refuses to refund reservations purchased pre-covid.

Sadly, Sturgis is going to be a “thinning the herd” event. Republican governor Kristi Noem, another cult follower of Trump, seems to not value human life when it gets in the way of money.

August 8


Question: How Can You Tell If Trump Is Lying?
Answer: His Lips Are Moving

CNN Fact Check: Trump lied yet again at
a hastily scheduled Friday night "news conference" at his New Jersey golf club’s ballroom where some carried wine glasses and few wore masks. Trump invited his club members to gather indoors in defiance of state restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus. He alleged that Democrats are cheating in the election via their negotiations with Republicans over a new coronavirus relief bill. This is more of Trump’s nonsensical bullshit. Participating in a legislative negotiation is simply not cheating in an election; Trump did not even attempt to explain his allegation.

The liar then walked out of his news conference when CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid caught him in another lie and asked him, “Why do you keep saying that you passed Veterans Choice?" The FACT is that former President Barack Obama signed the Choice program into law in 2014, but Trump lied again and is trying to take credit for something he had no part in.

During the news conference, Trump also repeated numerous false claims he has made before, including his claims that:

  • The coronavirus is "disappearing" (It is plainly not; the US had reported more than 42,000 new cases on Friday before Trump began his news conference, and the US topped 5 million cases on Saturday). Trump is a liar.
  • Prescription drug prices declined last year for the first time in 51 years (The decline, of 0.7%, happened two years ago; by the same measure, prices rose 3% last year). Trump is a liar.
  • More testing leads to more cases (Testing doesn't create cases, merely shows them, and tests are a pandemic-fighting tool that should help reduce cases). Trump is a liar.
  • Foreign countries can easily forge mail-in ballots (Experts say this is simply not true because of various ballot security measures). Trump is a liar.
  • China is paying the cost of his tariffs on imported Chinese products (Study after study has shown Americans pay the tariffs). Trump is a liar.
  • China was having its worst year economically in 67 years prior to the pandemic (Its 2019 growth was the lowest in 29 years). Trump is a liar.
  • Trump has always been strongly in favor of protecting pre-existing conditions (He has repeatedly backed Republican bills that would have significantly weakened those protections in Obamacare). Trump is a liar.
Trump, the “fake president,” would be nothing if he wasn’t a pathological liar.

August 7


Delusional Trump is Desperate

Trump is both delusional and desperate in wanting to turn a nonexistent Covid-19 vaccine into his “October Surprise.”
By implying that a vaccine is almost imminent and will quickly end the pandemic, Trump is raising expectations that are unlikely to be swiftly met and would come too late to save his presidential campaign in any case. A big White House South Lawn announcement that a vaccine is finally within reach a few days before a close election must dance in the President's dreams at night. Unfortunately for Trump, it’s all a pipe dream, nothing more than another of Trump’s many lies. And those who believe Trump’s empty promises are as simpleminded as he is.

Talking about a Covid-19 vaccine may seem alluring for Trump, who has seen nearly 160,000 Americans die on his watch in a public health crisis he has continually denied, neglected and downplayed. But the FACT is that there is no vaccine. Another FACT is that over 1,400 Americans died of Covid-19 just yesterday, with projections showing that 300,000 Americans could die by December. Nothing about Trump’s handling of the worst public health crisis in 100 years suggests he will be guided by any moral considerations when it comes to either a national pandemic plan or a vaccine.

There is no “October Surprise,” but there most definitely is a “November Surprise,” maybe more appropriately named a “November Gift” — Trump’s defeat in the November 3rd election.

August 5


Trump’s Latest Cognitive Failure: Mispronouncing YOSEMITE!

Seventy-four years old and claiming to be “a stable genius,”
Trump can’t even pronounce Yosemite National Park. In a nationally televised press conference where he was bragging about signing the Great American Outdoors Act, which will provide funding for national parks and the land and water conservation fund, and reading from a printed script, Trump mispronounced Yosemite as ‘Yo-Semites’ instead of the correct pronunciation of yoh-SEM-i-tee. He can’t pronounce Yosemite, but this is the guy who is supposed to lead us through a pandemic? Hardly. Trump is a humiliating embarrassment.

Also, in his one-on-one weak and flailing interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan,
Trump came across as ill-prepared, narcissistic and far from in control of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump was unsparingly exposed as not being in touch with the magnitude of the crisis that is threatening the American people and which is nowhere near ending. When Trump was fact-checked in real time by Swan, Trump’s flame-throwing interview techniques fizzled. Each time Trump attempted to jump to another subject, he wilted under pressure to Swan’s questioning, responding with nonsensical answers.

Trump is seventy-four years old with the mentality of a prepubescent adolescent! Whether it’s dementia, senility, or some hidden medical condition, the man is unraveling before our eyes. It’s a massive betrayal of the office of the president for those around him to prop up a mentally failing commander in chief. Trump is unfit for any elected office.

August 4


Coronavirus Cases Keep Climbing Because Of Irresponsible And Selfish People Who Won’t Wear Masks Or Practice Social Distancing

It’s not about rights. It’s not about politics. It’s about selfishness, self-centeredness and irresponsibility. You can’t smoke indoors. You can’t scream “fire” in a crowded movie theater. You can’t drive safely or legally without wearing a seatbelt. You can’t bring a gun into a bank or into any building posting a “no guns” sign. No issue. But
irresponsible Trump supporters have made wearing masks, the only protective devices currently known to protect each other from the spread of the coronavirus, an issue. Screaming at employees and businesses for protecting everyone does not make you a patriot; it makes you an asshole. These idiots mistake inconvenience for oppression. Trump, your cult leader, using tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters and locking children in cages is oppression. Wearing a mask is both inconvenient and protective, but it’s not oppression.

The coronavirus is now on the rise again in 29 states.
Those who don’t wear masks are so short-sighted that they can’t add one plus one to understand that they are directly responsible for the spread of the virus, which then results in businesses not reopening, and their jobs, their income, their healthcare, and their eventual retirement going away. So, Trump supporters, use your gun to shoot yourself in your own foot.

Instead of doing his job and promoting a national policy to fight this pandemic, including the mandatory wearing of masks, Trump continues to insist that hydroxylchloroquine is an effective treatment
for the coronavirus even as leading health officials in his own administration have concluded otherwise. Trump is mentally ill and unfit for office.

August 2


Trump’s Non-Response and Piecemeal Covid-19 Strategies Have Failed

Trump’s non-response and lack of a national response to the coronavirus pandemic have failed. We’re now well into the sixth month of the pandemic and the United States, unlike other countries in the world, is still seeing an out-of-control spread in the virus. Why? The blame falls directly on the shoulders of Trump. He failed to accept the seriousness of the virus early on, said it would disappear “like a miracle,” did nothing, and continues to do nothing in terms of a national response. Trump squandered every possible opportunity to control the coronavirus. He still contends that the more testing that occurs, the more Covid-19 there is out there; and this past week actually promoted a bizarre “doctor” on national television who advocates witches, demons and alien DNA. Trump has failed to protect the American people, leaving them with illness and financial ruin. America has lost its status as a global leader.

Trump does not have the mental capacity to add 2+2. All Trump is interested in are his poll numbers and his reelection chances, both of which have thankfully sharply declined. Trump is a dismal failure and he’s trying to take the country down with him; but we voters will prevent him from doing so on Nov. 3rd.

The coronavirus is everywhere and continues to spread at dangerous levels.
Public health experts are demanding a dramatic reset in the national response, one that recognizes that the crisis is intensifying and that current piecemeal strategies aren’t working. Dysfunctional politics, a lack of funding for public health, a continued shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), and a rush to reopen the economy have ignited the resurgence of the virus in just about every area of the country.

The economy suffered its worst collapse since the Great Depression, schools are rapidly canceling plans for in-person instruction and so far Congress has failed to pass a new emergency relief package. Trump continues to promote fringe science, the daily death toll keeps climbing and the human cost of the virus in America has reached nearly 158,000 lives.

The Association of American Medical Colleges offered a blunt message: “If the nation does not change its course — and soon — deaths in the United States could be well into the multiple hundreds of thousands.”

The country is exhausted, but the virus is not. It has shown a consistent pattern: It spreads opportunistically wherever people let down their guard and return to more familiar patterns of mobility and socializing. When communities tighten up, by closing bars, enforcing social distancing, or requiring masks in public, virus transmission drops. Young people are less likely to have a severe outcome from the coronavirus, but they are the “super spreaders,” adept at propelling the virus through the broader population, including among people at elevated risk.

It is time for a nationally enforced lockdown response — for a time — to halt the spread of this killer pandemic. A national strategy, whether advanced by the federal government or by the states working in tandem, will more effectively control viral spread than the current patchwork of state and local policies, according to a study from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Some health experts argue for a full six-to-eight-week national shutdown, something even more sweeping than what was instituted in the spring. There appears to be no political support for such a move. People are lazy, selfish, frustrated, angry and impatient. They want what they want, and they want it when they want it. We cannot continue closing our eyes and ears to the virus and living as though it’s gone — it’s not. It’s patiently waiting to get all of us unless the government institutes a national, bipartisan health response that forces 100% compliance throughout the entire United States. Can we expect this from Trump? No. Trump has already proven he’s an idiot from whom we can expect nothing of substance. He is in a downward spiral and he is willing to take the entire country with him.