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AR-15 Raffle Tickets For Sale in Missouri by 3rd Graders

Third-graders (7 to 9 year olds) in Neosho, Missouri are selling raffle tickets for an AR-15 to benefit their traveling baseball team after the same type of rifle was used to slaughter and injure dozens at a Parkland, Florida school. Levi Patterson, the coach of a 9-and-under baseball team told The Star the idea was conceived before the shooting in Parkland, FL. A father of one of the players — who co-founded Black Rain Ordnance Inc., a weapons purveyor in Neosho — offered the weapon for the raffle.

Lee Woodward, the principal of South Elementary School in Neosho, announced the raffle on her Facebook page and encouraged purchases to support the baseball players, coaches, and parents.

What is this teaching the third graders? This wasn’t conceived by those students, but rather by the absolutely stupid so-called adults who obviously have IQs so low they can’t even be measured.
Sadly, stupidity is not illegal in America, and this is living proof.

In a related story, Tyler Tannahill, a Republican congressional candidate from Kansas, is offering an AR-15 giveaway as part of his campaign. In spite of the backlash he’s received since the Parkland, FL shooting, he said the contest was planned a month ago, before the shooting took place. Oh, that makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it, Tyler? This is more living proof that stupidity is still not illegal, but it certainly is alive and well in America.