Democracy Can Finally Be Restored With President Joe Biden

November 30


Twiddle-Dee-Dumb talks about a running mate

Although Trump, the twice-impeached malignant narcissist, hasn't made a decision on running for office again, he
doesn’t feel bound by geographic or ideological considerations — or any standard political rules at all — according to a report by Politico, who gathered this information based on conversations with a dozen Trump advisers and close associates.

Those familiar with his thinking say his selection will be determined by two factors that rate highest in Trump’s estimation: 1) unquestioned loyalty, and 2) an embrace of his baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

So what would America get on the Republican party's 2024 ticket? A mentally deficient serial liar running for president, and a cult-following ass-sniffer for vice president.

Where are the adults in Congress?

God help America!

November 30


Fox News interviewed the empty-headed Bobblehead

Like a bobble-headed pull-toy that spews forth one of a half dozen prerecorded lies each time you pull its string, Trump
gave his first TV interview since the election, appearing on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo."

The Washington Post described the interview as "baseless, conspiracy-fueled allegations about voter fraud."

Slate reported that the interview was "a long tirade, repeating over and over again his baseless claim there was widespread voter fraud in the election even as his team keeps losing legal cases."

The mainstream media universally said that
Trump's "facts" and arguments were false. He had lost lawsuit after lawsuit, and failed to produce any evidence.

Trump is an empty-headed bobblehead.

Newsweek reported that during Trump's term in office, the country looked for a plan; but Trump had no plan. Trump never fully engaged in policy—he never developed any passion to be the chief executive. He never sank his teeth into the details of anything, operating solely from his own feelings, defying over and over again the recommendations (and cautiousness) of his own experts and advisors. He had no interest in the necessary alliances or coalitions in the world or in domestic politics, the very relationships that might facilitate a coup. Trump's own Cabinet members, military advisors, credentialed experts and politicians all failed to understand that there was a wide gulf between the actual presidency and the man's absurd theater of the presidency — the Trump show.

Trump wasn't leading anything. He wasn't interested in anything but his imaginary Neilson ratings and adulation from his supporters and cult followers, comprised of uneducated idiots, survivalists and gun crazy extremists, white supremacists and militias, anti-vaxxers and even terrorists. Trump's sick base solidified around a rejection of all things Washington. Trump was pulling the strings of this unruly and intransigent army, while privately calling his fans "the unwashed."

November 29


LOSER challenges the media

The Guardian is reporting that Trump, the twice-impeached LOSER, has challenged leading editors and politicians to debate him in public over his lie that Joe Biden beat him in 2020 through electoral fraud.

Why would anyone stoop to the low-life, dysfunctional level of this malignant narcissist? There's an old saying that applies here:
Don't get in a fight with a pig because you'll both get dirty, but the pig will like it.

Trump lost and every court where Trump challenged the election ruled against him. You're old news, Donny. You're a "has been." Go crawl back in your hole with your fellow cockroaches.

November 28


Citizen Trump calls for resignations — who cares?

Vindictive citizen Trump,
America's biggest LOSER, is erroneously thinking he's still in power and was once again taking advantage of his "bully pulpit" in an interview on far right Fox Business, calling for the resignation of Mitch McConnell as Senate minority leader for supporting President Joe Biden's $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which passed Congress earlier this month. Who gives a damn about anything this incompetent, twice-impeached ex-president says unless you're a non-thinking Trump cultist (aka Trump supporter)?

McConnell was correct in hailing the infrastructure plan as "good for the country," and
the bill passed with bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

Just a reminder, Americans — all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested on November 8, 2022. This is our chance to oust all the worthless Republican Trump followers, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon Bitch from Georgia, and Matt Gaetz, the Florida Representative who is charged with having sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl.

November 27


The mentally deficient narcissist is back to childish name calling

Trump, the malignant narcissist, is back to adolescent name calling. This time around he
criticized The Washington Post journalist and #1 internationally bestselling author Bob Woodward, along with his co-author Robert Costa, for their book about his presidency, Peril, calling Woodward a "long time con man" with a "craggy smug face," and Costa "his lightweight lapdog assistant." The only con man here is Trump, who duped the voters into thinking he had the qualifications for the job. Instead, he lied about everything from his school credentials to his draft dodging. Trump is a LOSER on the world's stage.

Maybe if Trump acted like a president instead of a mentally deranged autocrat when he was in office, there would be no need for his childish behavior and low IQ to be written about by distinguished authors as they record the
real facts of history during his pathetic term in office. But unfortunately this is what we got with Trump, an uncouth and uncultured pig, in the White House.

November 25


Laughable bill introduced by demonic QAnon bitch

The Hill has reported that right-wing Trump cultist and QAnon Bitch, Marjorie Taylor Greene, introduced a laughable bill seeking to grant Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who murdered two men and severely injured another with an AR-15 assault rifle in Kenosha, WI, a Congressional Gold Medal. The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest honor Congress can award an individual or institution.

Greene claims that Rittenhouse should be awarded
the honor because he “protected the community of Kenosha” during the “Black Lives Matter riot” last August. This just goes to show America how warped and demented Greene truly is. Thankfully, the bill has no chance of getting passed because it would need to be co-sponsored by at least two-thirds of the House of Representatives, and it currently has no co-sponsors.

The QAnon Bitch was immediately reminded on Twitter of a similar bill she voted against earlier this year which was passed and awarded Congress’ highest honor to the truly heroic U.S. Capitol Police officers who risked their lives during Trump's deadly Jan. 6th insurrection.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to give Kyle Rittenhouse a medal but refused to give medals to the officers that saved her life from her own lunatic cultists. This alone tells you everything you need to know about the insane RepubliKlan death cult." (Anis Jerbi)

"Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a bill to award Kyle Rittenhouse the Congressional Gold Medal, Congress’s highest honor. Past recipients: George Washington, Ulysses Grant, the Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, Disney, Winston Churchill, Bobby Kennedy and Mother Teresa. Greene is a sick joke." (Lindy Li)

"Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced a bill to award Kyle Rittenhouse a Congressional Gold Medal. Marjorie Taylor Greene voted against awarding Capitol Police Officers Congressional Gold Medals. Do I need to say anything else?" (Jack Cocchiarella)

November 25


Thankful on Thanksgiving weekend

On Thanksgiving weekend we're most thankful that Trump, the deranged malignant narcissist and America's #1 LOSER, is no longer in the Oval Office.

Thank God.

November 24


Birds of a feather flock together

Politico has reported that Kyle Rittenhouse visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago after his trial.

It was obviously a photo-op designed by Trump for his sole benefit, with Trump showing off a photo of the two together in an interview with Fox News' Trump cultist Sean Hannity. Trump’s hour-long interview with Hannity followed Tucker Carlson’s Monday night interview with Rittenhouse post-trial; and Trump, the malignant narcissist, obviously wanted to take center stage.

Trump said Rittenhouse was "really a nice young man."

Trump is a pig. That's not going to change. The verbal pig shit that Trump spreads upon his base spreads nothing but discontent and division, and he lacks porcine versatility and pound-for-pound value.

argued he was acting in self-defense and was in town to protect property and provide medical assistance amid unrest in Kenosha, where he did neither. Instead, he killed two men with an AR-15 assault rifle and seriously injured a third.

November 23


Two Trump-supporting lawyers are fined

The Washington Post has reported that two Colorado lawyers who filed a lawsuit late last year, peppered with wild allegations and challenging the 2020 election results, must pay nearly $187,000 to defray the legal fees of groups they sued in order to deter others from using frivolous suits to undermine the democratic system.

“As officers of the Court, these attorneys have a higher duty and calling that requires meaningful investigation before prematurely repeating in court pleadings unverified and uninvestigated defamatory rumors that strike at the heart of our democratic system and were used by others to foment a violent insurrection that threatened our system of government,” wrote Magistrate Judge N. Reid Neureiter in his scathing 68-page opinion.

The two lawyers, Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker, filed the case in December 2020 as a class action on behalf of 160 million American voters, alleging there was a complicated plot to steal the election.

Their biggest problem:
there was no plot to steal the election. Their lawsuit was a scam and a fraud. Neureiter said the lawsuit was “one enormous conspiracy theory.

In August, 
Neureiter ruled that the attorneys had violated their ethical obligations by filing it in the first place, arguing that the duo had run afoul of legal rules that prohibit clogging the courts with frivolous motions and lodging information in court that is not true.

In June, a panel of judges in New York suspended the law license of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, arguing that Trump’s personal lawyer had “communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements” that amounted to an ongoing threat to the public.

Last month, a federal judge in Michigan skeptically questioned a group of nine lawyers, including pro-Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood, as she sought to determine whether to sanction them over a lawsuit that sought to overturn President Biden’s win in that state. This could result in their loss of their law licenses.

Other disciplinary actions are pending before a Wisconsin judge and in front of bar associations in multiple states.
It's about time!

November 22


Stop feeding the mentally ill narcissist's ego

Republicans and Democrats alike call for everyone to stop feeding Trump's over-inflated ego that is filled with baseless claims of voter fraud of the election he lost over a year ago.

Stop golfing and concede," Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan tweeted at Trump yesterday. Hogan said that Trump's "ridiculous challenges that are not based on fact need to end. We've always had a peaceful transition of power," he said on CNBC.

Chris Christie called Trump's lawyers a "national embarrassment," saying they were relying on false conspiracy theories rather than evidence of voter fraud. "If you've got the evidence of fraud, present it," he said.

Former Ohio Governor 
John Kasich, who ran against Trump in 2020, and John Bolton, Trump's former national security advisor, said it was important for more Republicans to speak up.

Michigan Representative Fred Upton, a Republican, told 
CNN that the voters in his battleground state "spoke" by choosing Joe Biden as president.

North Dakota Republican Senator Kevin Cramer said on 
NBC that it was "past time to start a transition."

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, also a Republican, said Trump should concede because his lawyers had "exhausted all plausible options."

Hope Hicks, the longest-serving Trump political aide, tap-danced around actually telling Trump to concede for fear of being banished, but told Trump that he should start thinking about his legacy.

Trump, the malignant narcissist, continues to spew lies and baseless claims of voter fraud where it's been proven that there was none, and many spineless Republican members of Congress continue to feed Trump's mental illness.

November 22


A black belt for Plump Trump?

The World Taekwondo Headquarters has awarded Trump an honorary 9th Dan Black belt.

For what? This fat ass couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag, and any time there's a confrontation, all he can do is call his lawyers to get them to fight his battles for him. This was just another photo-op set up to inflate Trump's already over-inflated narcissistic ego.
Trump is nothing but a pathetic LOSER.

The president of Kukkiwon, Lee Dong-seop, went to visit Trump at Mar-a-lago this weekend to give him the black belt. The visit was set up by a South Korean resident in the U.S.

"Taekwondo is a great martial art for protecting oneself in these times," Trump said. He vowed that he would look to wear the taekwondo clothing in Congress should he make a return to the White House in the future. 

Trump's awarding at a ninth Dan means he shares the same rank as Russian president Vladimir Putin who was presented with a black belt and made a grandmaster of taekwondo during an official visit to South Korea in 2013. The important difference is that
Putin actually achieved the coveted rank — for Trump it was just a photo-op set up to inflate his already over-inflated head.

November 21


Distancing yourself from Trump makes you a WINNER

Newsweek is reporting that Republican candidates who embrace Trump, despite his "unpopularity" in polls, could lose their 2022 midterm elections.

As they should!

CNN host Christi Paul mentioned a recent poll from the Des Moines Register showing that Republican voters feel more aligned to the Republican party than to Trump by a margin of 61 to 25 percent.

Trump is a LOSER, and following such a LOSER makes you a LOSER too. Distancing yourself as far from Trump as possible makes you a WINNER. Case in point: Glenn Youngkin successfully distanced himself from Trump during his campaign to become Virginia's governor.

Hard-right GOP lawmakers and Trump cultists, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon Bitch from Georgia, and Matt Gaetz, the Florida Representative who is charged with having sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl, have hailed Trump as the future of the party. Oh, wow, such credible support!

Meanwhile, other Republican congress members, including Illinois Representative 
Adam Kinzinger and Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, have rejected Trump as a dangerous and anti-democratic influence.

Republicans are better off without Donald Trump more so than with him, by far," said former Republican Pennsylvania Representative Charlie Dent.

November 20


The Killer Goes Free

11/21/21 UPDATE
Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney, Mark Richards, slammed the Republican congressmen who practically begged Rittenhouse to come work for them, declaring that their internship offers are nothing more than a cash grab. Richards said, "They want to trade on his celebrity and I think it's disgusting." Richards did not mince words for Donald Trump, Jr., either, who tweeted (and then deleted) that a gun rights organization would send Rittenhouse an AR-15. "He's an idiot. I don't have to expand on that because it speaks for itself," Richards said.

It's a sad day for America, but a banner day for The Proud Boys (aka sissy boys), far-right QAnon followers, Trump's mentally deficient MAGA cultists, gun-rights advocates, and white supremacists.

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who used an AR-15 assault rifle that he shouldn't even have been allowed to carry under the law, murdered two unarmed protesters and maimed another last August, was found not guilty on all five of the charges brought against him. Rittenhouse decided to be judge, jury and executioner that fateful night on the streets of Kenosha, WI when he opened fire on protesters.

Judge Bruce Schroeder, 75, the judge in this case who is the longest-serving circuit judge in Wisconsin, "oversaw a blatant miscarriage of justice," said the Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor.

MSNBC host Joy Reid said
the judge was "the 13th juror."

"We just witnessed a system built on white supremacy validate the terroristic acts of a white supremacist," said former NFL star Colin Kaepernick.

"Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum are victims" and Rittenhouse is a "violent, dangerous man," said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

It's open season on human rights demonstrators," said Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The result of this case was
one more count against a fundamentally unfair legal system.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), the QAnon Bitch, said “May Kyle and his family now live in peace,” and then urged her followers to donate to Rittenhouse’s legal defense.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who is under investigation for allegedly having sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl, as well as for giving gifts to underage girls for sex, suggested earlier in the week he would offer Rittenhouse a congressional internship if he was acquitted.

There is something wrong with America — the result of the Rittenhouse case proves that it's certainly broken.

It was a sad day for the law-abiding citizens in America.

November 18


The warped and demented mind of Matt Gaetz is on display

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida, who is under investigation for allegedly having sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl, as well as paying and/or giving gifts to underage girls for sex, says he is open to offering Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who murdered two men and injured another with an illegal AR-15 assault rifle in Kenosha, WI, an internship on Capitol Hill if the teen is acquitted in his highly charged trial.

Offering a murderer an internship on Capitol Hill? This is how low, demented and despicable the Republicans have become.

Put yourself in the position of the families of the murdered victims, and then listen to the ridiculousness of this idiot congressman offering the murderer a job in the House chamber in Washington.

Gaetz also railed against the sentencing of “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, who was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison Wednesday for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Matt Gaetz is as mentally unstable as Trump. This is the kind of scum we have in Congress. It's no wonder because he's one of Trump's cult followers.

11/19/21 UPDATE
Gaetz Is Slammed After His Rittenhouse Internship Offer

Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is currently under investigation for child sex trafficking, faced a wave of online backlash after suggesting he would consider hiring Rittenhouse, the accused killer, as a Congressional intern.

A few of the online comments:
"Thinking the only thing Gaetz has in common with Rittenhouse is the age of the girls they both date."

"Matt Gaetz says if Kyle Rittenhouse is found not guilty he'd consider hiring him as a Congressional intern. Makes sense, after Gaetz has sex with underage girls he can have them killed."

"When behavior like Kyle Rittenhouse's is incentivized by a (criminal) sitting Congress member, it's easy to see why these losers KEEP aspiring to commit these heinous crimes for a popularity come-up. Matt Gaetz should be censured too."

November 18


Trump cost the Republicans the House, the Senate and the White House

"The cold hard truth is Donald Trump led us into a ditch on January 6," said Retiring Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, who was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for his conduct on January 6. "The former President lied to us. He lied to every one of us and in doing so he cost (Republicans) the House, the Senate and the White House."

Trump came into office in 2016 with Republicans in the majority in the House and Senate. He left office in 2020 with Republicans totally out of power in the executive and legislative branches.

Trump never admits he lost even though he's the biggest LOSER in the history of American politics. Trump is an incompetent autocrat, a traitor, and a mass murderer.

Trump and his regime are responsible for a large majority of deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic. At almost every key moment, Trump and his inner circle, along with other self-serving Republican elected officials who followed his lead, made decisions based on personal self-interest, greed and political partisanship, rather than a sincere effort to save American lives.

The congressional release of emails and transcripts with former senior CDC officials now show that Trump's regime blocked media briefings and interviews with CDC officials, attempted to alter public safety guidance normally cleared by the agency and instructed agency officials to destroy evidence that might be construed as political interference, all of it undermining the work of scientists and career staff at the CDC.
Trump and his regime committed these crimes against humanity in plain sight.

Trump's sheer contempt for active national leadership and his sheer disregard for the public health illustrated by these emails and transcripts have no parallel in American history. For the sake of their own public image — which, ironically, was headed for the storm drain anyway — members of the Trump administration abandoned even their most rudimentary obligations as public servants. The country was denied the information it desperately needed because some Trump cult followers were trying to avoid a tantrum from the "Twitter Toddler" in the Oval Office. Trump is a fascist authoritarian and a sociopath.

Trump belongs in prison.

November 18


QAnon Shaman gets 41 months in prison

Jacob Chansley, the "QAnon Shaman" who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th in Trump's insurrection was sentenced yesterday to 41 months in prison.

In handing down the sentence, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth told Chansley: “What you did was horrific, obstructing the functioning of the government. What you did was terrible. You made yourself the epitome of the riot.”

While illegally in the Senate gallery, Chansley shouted obscenities and scaled the chamber's platform. There, he photographed himself, refused to leave when officers ordered him to and left a note that read: "It's Only A Matter of Time. Justice Is Coming!"

Justice came yesterday for Chansley! One down, hundreds more of Trump cultists to go!

November 17


The QAnon Bitch seeks vengeance on her colleagues

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon Bitch, needs to learn some manners at age 47 that her mother should have taught her and which she should have learned by the time she reached the age of three.

Greene attacked fellow colleagues over their votes on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, calling for the Republicans who voted for the bill to be punished as traitors, and then childishly posting their office numbers for her juvenile social media cult followers.

Greene is nothing but a classless bitch who has no business in politics, let alone in Congress.

Part of our system of democracy is the freedom to have differing opinions, to be able to vote your conscience and that of your constituents without the fear of reprisal, verbal or otherwise, from your colleagues.
A number of Republicans, including Greene, want those 13 colleagues disciplined and possibly even stripped of their committee roles, and Greene ripped into House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for not taking action against them.

Someone needs to educate this QAnon bitch and her fellow Republican colleagues on the meanings of freedom and democracy. Greene wants the freedom to express her viewpoints and to vote the way she wants, but she doesn't want the same for her colleagues. Greene obviously thinks she's "queen of the chamber," and fortunately our form of government doesn't need or want any kind of queen.

November 16


A Biased Judge? Very possibly! You be the judge!
Can anyone say "kangaroo court?"

There's a
controversial judge in Kenosha, WI in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who used an AR-15 assault rifle to kill two people and injure a third last August during a protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Although Rittenhouse is on trial, it's 75-year-old Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder who is in the national spotlight because of his recent, controversial rulings.

FACT: Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two people and injured a third with an assault rifle that he was not legal to either own or carry.
FACT: Judge Schroeder ruled that prosecutors cannot refer to the three people that Rittenhouse shot as "victims."
Question: If they weren't "victims," then what were they, Judge?

FACT: Under Wisconsin law, anyone under 18 who possesses a dangerous weapon is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to nine months behind bars. Judge Schroeder dismissed the gun charge against Rittenhouse on Monday, just hours before jurors got the case. Question: Was Rittenhouse under 18 at the time he shot three people? Answer: Yes. Question: Was the AR-15 Rittenhouse possessed a dangerous weapon? Answer: Absolutely!
FACT: Legal experts said the best bet for a conviction was the gun charge, but now that's off the table in the murder case because of this pantywaist judge.

FACT: Judge Schroeder asked everyone in the courtroom during the Rittenhouse trial to applaud a witness for his service to America on Veteran's Day just prior to that witness taking the stand as one of Kyle Rittenhouse's defense witnesses.
Question: When was the last time anyone was asked to applaud a witness for the defense just before the witness took the stand, and how can that influence the jury?

FACTS: Let's not forget that Kyle Rittenhouse:
  • was a 17-year-old who could not legally own an AR-15 assault rifle
  • shot and killed two unarmed people and injured a third
Nothing more need be said. Rittenhouse deserves life in prison without the chance of parole.

November 16


Another book implicates Trump

ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl's new book, "Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show," will be published next Tuesday. In the book, Karl says that Corey Lewandowski, Trump's 2016 campaign manager, said, "He knows it is over. He just wants to create enough doubt about Biden's victory so that when he leaves he can say he didn't lose and that it was stolen from him."

In the months leading up to Election Day, Trump repeatedly claimed without evidence that voting by mail would lead to fraud. Election officials and experts rejected the statements as misinformation, and millions of Americans securely cast their ballots by mail in the November, 2020 election.

After he lost, twice-impeached Trump elevated baseless conspiracy theories that the election was "stolen" from him and "rigged" against him because of widespread voter fraud. Election officials again said the claims were false and there was no evidence of fraud. Trump's own Department of Homeland Security 
said the election "was the most secure in American history." Still, Trump continued to spread falsehoods about the election, and this mentally ill narcissist continues to do so today.

Pre-order Jonathan Karl's new book

November 14


Trump, the narcissist, was only interested in himself

In his new book, Republican Rescue, Chris Christie says that Trump called him while they were both sick in the hospital with Covid-19 and asked if Christie was going to say that Trump infected him.

As a mentally ill malignant narcissist, it's always about Trump and how things will affect him. He cares nothing about anyone else. Trump is a mentally deficient monster who should be institutionalized for the rest of his life not only so that he can get the professional help he so desperately needs for his mental impairment, but also to protect the citizens of America from him.

In other news related to Trump, the twice-impeached loser,
MSNBC has reported that it's taken Trump a full four days to realize that Brian Williams is leaving MSNBC and for Trump to lash out at him with vindictiveness using his prepubescent IQ style. Question: Has it taken you four days, Donny, to finally put down your comic books and pay attention to the news?

November 13


This delusional LOSER pretends to be president

Citizen Trump, the delusional loser, said he sent his "envoy ambassador" Richard Grenell to the Kosovo-Serbia border on his behalf to "highlight" an agreement brokered there during his presidency.

The White House dismissed Trump's statement immediately, saying, "Outside of his very active imagination, Donald Trump is no longer president and doesn't have any 'envoy ambassadors' representing the United States."

Trump and his allies have previously inappropriately acted as though he was running a sort of shadow presidency since he left the White House in January.
Trump is the "pretend president." In reality, he's nothing but a f*cking asshole, a mentally deficient malignant narcissist, and America's #1 LOSER.

November 12

Victimize the Victimizer!

Congratulations to the legal concealed carry permit holder for thinning the herd of another armed perpetrator.

Fox News has reported that Chicago homeowner shot and killed one of two car thieves Wednesday after noticing two armed suspects who attempted a carjacking and then began shooting at him. The homeowner hit one of the gunmen in the neck. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Chicago police are searching for the other suspect who fled the scene. 

Police have identified the dead perp as Darion Blackman, who had a history of firearm run-ins with the law. He was most recently arrested in September for not possessing a valid Firearm Owner's Identification card, but some pantywaist judge put the thug back out on the street with a slap on the hands.

The citizens with concealed carry permits know how to effectively deal with the problem. One less armed thug permanently off the streets!

November 11


Anti-Vaccine doctor dies of COVID

Newsweek has reported that a Minnesota anti-vaccine doctor, Dr. Christopher Foley, who criticized mask-wearing and spread false information about a COVID-19 vaccine, passed away at age 71 from complications of the virus. At his funeral, Foley’s son Logan confirmed his father’s death from COVID and that he was unvaccinated. Foley criticized experts for not pushing the use of vitamin D and other nutrients, as well as not promoting ivermectin as a treatment. Ivermectin is a drug for fighting parasites in animals.

Continue to follow the brainless advice of the anti-vaxxers, folks, and the herd will continue to be thinned.

November 10


Prosecutors seek 51-month sentence for 'QAnon Shaman'

Prosecutors are asking for a 51-month sentence, their stiffest recommendation yet in any case stemming from the insurrection, for Jacob Chansley, the QAnon adherent who infamously stormed the Senate chamber shirtless and wearing horns on Jan. 6th.

Chansley is the third felony defendant to reach the sentencing phase of his prosecution after
he pleaded guilty to obstructing Congress’ effort to certify the 2020 election.

Prosecutors’ recommendation of a four-year-three-month prison term for Chansley is at the top of the sentencing guidelines range that court officials calculated in his case of 41 to 51 months. “Chansley showed no remorse in the days after the event,” the prosecutors wrote.

Scott Fairlamb, a former MMA fighter who pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer after exiting the Capitol on Jan. 6, was
sentenced to a 41-month jail term today by U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth, who is also handling Chansley’s case.

November 8


The Twice-Impeached Mentally Ill Malignant Narcissist Babbles More Bullshit

Trump, the twice-impeached mentally ill malignant narcissist, continues to spew forth more babbling bullshit.

This time Trump is making the baseless claim that Alec Baldwin may have shot his crew member, Halyna Hutchins, intentionally. In reference to Baldwin, Trump said during a radio interview with Chris Stigall, "He's a troubled guy. There's something wrong with him. I've watched him for years." He went on to describe Baldwin as "a nut job."
Trump's allegations are, as usual, entirely baseless.

So Trump has watched Baldwin for years? Well, we've watched Trump for years, and
the only "nut job" is Trump.

November 7


Autocracy Under Mentally Ill Trump

Business Insider has reported that Alyssa Farah, who served as the White House's director of strategic communications and assistant to Trump in 2020, told journalist CNN's Jake Tapper that Trump would "absolutely" impose some form of autocracy if re-elected in 2024.

autocracy [ aw-tok-ruh-see ], noun
Government in which one person has uncontrolled or unlimited authority over others; the government or power of an absolute monarch.

Farah went on to say that Trump's second term would be "very different," and added that is what "scares" her the most. "There were things that he wanted to do when he was in power the first time that was well beyond the scope of what the US president should be able to do, but oftentimes it was simply the motivation of hoping to win reelection that kept him from doing things," she said. When pressed for an example of things the former president might do differently, Farah outlined her expectations to Tapper. "Whether it's weaponizing the justice department against political opponents, whether it's going after the free press, he would certainly be open to using the military for political reasons as well," she said.

"He [Trump] is a racist. He is a con man," said Michael Cohen,
attorney for Trump from 2006 to 2018.

Trump is unstable and certifiably mentally ill. He has no business running for any office in the United States.

11/16/21 Update:
Citizen Trump, in a lengthy statement, attacked former White House communications director Alyssa Farah as a "backbencher" after she told CNN that Trump admitted to her in the aftermath of the November election that he'd lost.

Farah told CNN earlier this month it would be a "nightmare scenario" if Trump were to win reelection in 2024.

Trump is nothing but a PIG.

November 5


This Pig tried to weaponize the Justice Department to nullify President Joe Biden's victory

CNN has reported that new details are still emerging about Trump's unprecedented effort to overturn the election results. Congressional inquiries and news reports have shed new light on what happened behind the scenes as Trump tried to illegally cling to power.

The Senate Judiciary Committee investigated Trump's conduct and concluded in a recent report that he "grossly abused the power of the presidency." Running out of time before the transfer of power, Trump became increasingly desperate and even entertained a suggestion to declare martial law.

Trump also mounted a private and public effort to pressure Vice President Mike Pence into unconstitutionally nullifying Biden's win while Pence presided over the Electoral College process.

Trump's coup attempt reached a horrifying crescendo on January 6, 2021, when he held a massive rally near the White House and incited thousands of ignorant cult members (aka "supporters") to 
attack the Capitol while lawmakers were certifying the Electoral College results. Trump's insurrection was quelled, but it led to five deaths and the injuring of 140 police officers.

Trump would be nothing if he wasn't a pig.

November 4


Trump fever may be breaking!

CNN reported that Trump fever may be breaking. Tuesday's election results, for the most part, are not being questioned, and the election results prove that Trump's voter fraud myth is in fact a myth.

Republicans didn't need to change voting laws. They just needed to drop Trump. Republicans in Virginia got governor Glenn Youngkin rather than a more Trump-friendly politician. Democrats in New Jersey voted to retain Governor Phil Murphy in a hotly contested race pitting Murphy against a Trump cult follower.

In recent years the Republicans haven't had a platform. They just latched onto and parroted the delusional and dysfunctional mindset of Trump. "The platform was whatever Donald Trump woke up that day and was thinking about," said CNN commentator Scott Jennings. Youngkin's campaign, however, was built around issues that people care about, said Jennings, and that was done without any need for Trump. That's the path to victory.
Today's Republican Party has, in practice, largely surrendered to neofascism and white supremacy — losing platforms made up of right-wing fringe extremists without brains; i.e. losers like Trump himself.

This week's election proves that the voters themselves are over Trump. The news media should now talk to the voters instead of listening to Trump's worthless "bobble heads" in Congress.

November 2


The brainless QAnon Bitch is fined 4 more times

The QAnon Bitch, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, has been
fined four more times for refusing to comply with House rules about wearing masks on the House floor. She has already been fined three other times, bringing her total fines to over $15,000 over her anti-mask stance.

Greene's office said it's been notified of violations on 19 different dates by the House sergeant at arms, which could lead to almost $50,000 in fines, which come out of her congressional paycheck. Greene makes $174,000 a year, the annual salary for most House and Senate members.

November 1


Republican Kinzinger to retire

Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger said yesterday that he would fight the “cancer” of Trumpism outside the congressional GOP, after he retires from the House next year.

Kinzinger was among 10 House Republicans who appropriately voted to impeach Trump for inciting supporters to attack the Capitol on January 6th, in an attempt to overturn the election.

“The political system is failing. And the Republicans in particular,” said Kinzinger.