Democracy Can Finally Be Restored With President Joe Biden

June 24

Idiot Trump declared a winner in the Democratic debates — himself. With Trump, it’s always about himself. He tries to take credit for everything and the blame for nothing. It’s too bad Trump is such a loser in both politics and in life.

Trump’s erratic policy moves put national security at risk! His approach on three issues — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids, Mexican tariffs and Iran — is politically risky for Trump, who is increasingly employing an erratic approach in an effort to achieve key policy goals. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) described Trump’s actions as similar to “somebody setting afire a basket full of paper and then putting it out.” Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) said, “I don’t believe that anyone should receive credit for a crisis of their own making.” Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) said, “There is no strategy here. We have a president that seems to be doing this like a reality TV show and trying to build more drama and trying to make foreign policy by tweet.” Larry Jacobs, a political science professor at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, said that Trump’s behavior has generated confusion about what the country’s positions are. He said, “Both our allies and our enemies are at a loss to understand what the president means.”

Face it folks, Trump is an idiot!

June 13

Trump said in a television interview that he would consider accepting foreign opposition research during his campaign. Law enforcement veterans said that Trump's willingness to accept foreign assistance has essentially invited overseas spies to meddle with the 2020 presidential campaigns, undoing months of work. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calf.) said at a news conference, “It’s a very sad thing. The president gave us evidence once again he does not know right from wrong.” She added that “everybody in the country should be totally appalled” and characterized Trump’s remarks during an ABC News interview as “so against any sense of decency.” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) called Trump’s remarks “disgraceful” and “shocking.”

Trump responded, “I meet and talk to ‘foreign governments’ every day. I just met with the Queen of England (U.K.), the Prince of Whales, the P.M. of the United Kingdom, the P.M. of Ireland, the President of France and the President of Poland. We talked about ‘Everything!’ Should I immediately call the FBI about these calls and meetings? How ridiculous! I would never be trusted again.”

Did you catch Trump’s tweet, folks: the Prince of Whales????? Whales?? What an IDIOT! We American citizens have been appalled by the actions of the malignant narcissist occupying the Oval Office since long before he ever took office.

June 9

Lawyer George Conway, the husband of White House staffer Kellyanne Conway, criticized Trump for his behavior. He said, ”You're mentally unwell. You engage in bizarre, irrational, self-defeating behavior which prompts criticism of you, which triggers more bizarre, irrational, self-defeating behavior. You would have been fired from any other job by now. Do yourself and the country a favor. Resign and seek the psychological treatment you so obviously need.” Well said, George! Right on target! America doesn’t need a mentally ill president now or in 2020.

Trump plays both the ARSONIST and the FIREFIGHTER! He willfully and maliciously sets an unnecessary fire (i.e. tariff threats against Mexico, which are taxes on American citizens collected at the border) and then tries to take credit for avoiding those same tariffs (that were never needed or wanted in the first place). Phrased differently, Trump’s predictable style is create a “fake” fight where none exists, counterattack, demean the opposition, predict absolute victory, reduce the argument to a few talking points, and never, ever, cede ground. This is Trump’s predictable, twisted style — the style of one with a mental disorder: create an issue where there is none, and then take credit for avoiding the issue, with the purpose being to then try to make oneself look like the hero. Nice try, Donnie. We can see right through your weak, overused, pathetic facade.

June 7

On the way home from England and France, Trump stopped in Ireland and played a round of golf at his resort on the coast. So how are those draft-dodging bone spurs doing, Donnie?

Trump defended his threat to impose steep new tariffs on all goods imported from Mexico, rejecting concerns of professional economists and some fellow Republicans that the proposed increase of up to 25% could hurt U.S. businesses and American citizens as much as it punishes Mexico. This comes from someone who ignores the advice of experts and pretends to know so much about business, but who had to declare bankruptcy six times! Trump gives new meaning to the word ‘idiot.’

June 5

Unruly Trump arrived for his state visit to Britain on 6/3/19 in a combative mood even before his plane touched down, calling London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, a "stone cold loser” and saying he had done “a terrible job,” accusing him of failing to do enough to stop deadly terror attacks in London. Trump had the gall to criticize foreign leaders when he has done NOTHING to stop the gun violence in the United States. If anyone’s a “stone cold loser,” it’s Trump. Labour's Khan, who has been London’s mayor since 2016 and a member of Parliament from 2005 to 2016, has led opposition to Trump’s three-day visit, condemning his "divisive behaviour" and saying he was "one of the most egregious examples" of a growing global threat from the far-right. Khan then said that this is the sort of behavior he’d expect from an 11-year-old. He is absolutely correct. Trump, an Islamophobe and racist, is nothing more than an absolute embarrassment to the United States of America.

June 4

In speaking about Trump, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, said, “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.”